Rules for using the Promo Code

In this article we have explained to you some of the rules that will help you for promo code. But before you move ahead to read more details, we would suggest you to check this promo code to avail the best discounts.

  • The promo code can only be used when placing an Order on the Site and through the operator by calling the hotline.
  • The Buyer can use the Promo Code only once.
  • When placing an Order, only one Promo Code can be used.
  • The Promo Code Offer applies to all Products or a specific category specified in the conditions for providing the Promo Code or the amount of the Order, including shipping.
  • For the use of the Promo Code, a minimum order amount can be set.
  • You cannot pay for the purchase of gift certificates with a promotional code.
  • Discount on a Promo Code does not imply a refund of the Discount amount in cash.
  • If the Promo Code is not specified or if the Promo Code is not applied by the settlement system when placing an Order, including as a result of a technical failure, the Goods or services are to be paid in full (excluding Discounts by the Promo Code).
  • The promotional code can only be used during the validity period specified in the conditions for providing the Promo code. At the end of the specified period, the Promo Codes becomes invalid. Find more on

Changes to the Rules for using promotional codes: Responsibility of the Parties

These Rules and the conditions for the provision of Promo Codes may be changed by the Seller unilaterally without prior notice to the Buyers, including the validity period of the Promo Code and the amount of the amount Discount/type of Gift. The new version of the Terms and Conditions for the Promotional Code is posted on the Site. The Seller has the right to early terminate the promotion, while the Buyers have no right to demand any compensation and damages.

In the event of violations of these Rules, the conditions for providing the Promo Code, and other abuses by the Buyer, the Seller has the right to cancel the Promo Code or refuse the


Buyer to place an Order using the Promo Code

The Seller is only responsible for the Promo Codes that it distributes on its behalf on the Site or via email. The seller is not responsible for the information posted on third-party resources about discounts and promotional codes for use on the Site.

The Seller, among other things, including those outlined in these Rules and the Terms of Provision.

Promo Code is not responsible for the Buyers’ failure to familiarize themselves with these Terms and the Terms of Provision of the Promo Code;

  • For providing the Buyers with incorrect or incomplete information about themselves, including their contact numbers and email addresses;
  • For errors, malfunctions in software accounting for Buyers, operations, and orders. Understanding the code’s function is something essential you should consider as terms and conditions are explained.

The use of the Promo Code means that the client agrees with the above Rules. You can now easily access the code most simply on online stores.

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