Sculptshe: A Brand To Offer Fabulous Shapewears With Comfort and Style

If you have an upcoming event like a reunion party with friends or a wedding, it must be exciting to plan for it. You are probably anticipating being photographed, video and featured in social media posts on this special day. It is likely that you have already found a makeup routine, how you want to do your nails and which outfit to wear. That being said, there is one important detail that you may want to pay attention to and it is the foundation garment you need to wear underneath your outfit.

It is not a must to wear shapewear and every woman should embrace her body. However, shapewear lovers may want to invest in shapewear for some support and sculpting. These days, undergarments are worn every day while others choose to wear them during special or formal occasions. If you feel insecure in a figure-hugging outfit and need some confidence boost, shapewear can come in handy to help you keep everything tucked and flaunt your best features. 

Here is some tips on how to choose shapewear for different problem areas:

  • Flat Tummy – Looking to get rid of belly fat? Then a waist trainer is the ideal shaping garment that helps to flatten the midsection and molds the waist to form a more well-defined hourglass figure. This piece of garment can be worn during a workout to boost your exercise routine.
  • Full Body Shaping – If you want a smooth all-over look for a specific outfit, then a full body shapewear or bodysuit is the perfect option. This style is designed to give a flawless look from the tummy, waistline, back, rear and thighs.
  • Slim Waist – If you are looking to get a slimmer waist and a smooth midsection, opt for high-waist shapewear such as a pair of shaper shorts. It holds the stomach from under the bra onwards while tucking in those love handles and back fat to make your waist curvier.
  • Thigh Slimming – You can choose a bodysuit that extends to the thigh or choose a shaping garment that only focuses on this area alone like high-waist mid-shaper shorts. 

Whatever your needs are, do scroll ahead for some shapewear options that include bodysuits, double belt waist trainer and shorts that will help you look your best and feel confident no matter what you are wearing.

High Waist Sculpting Shorts

This pair of sculpting shorts provide stomach and thigh coverage without the compression of a full bodysuit. It gives a 360-degree compression to smooth the midsection and a front zipper for easy wearing. The double-layer high waist design will make the waist look smaller and create an hourglass figure.

3-Hooks Waist Trainer Body Shaper

If you want a slimmer waistline, a waist trainer is highly recommended.  It can constantly sculpt inches from your midsection while creating a flat tummy as well as supporting your posture. It has a long front design to cover the entire abdomen and a short back that hugs the natural contour. This waist trainer also has a front pocket to hold your essential items.

Mesh Boned Full Bodysuit

It is rare to find a sculpting piece that looks as sexy as this mesh-boned corset bodysuit. This full body shapewear offers function and aesthetics. Not only because it holds you in all the necessary places and has cupped bra support, but it looks great too with its 5 velvet ribbon decorated steel bones. Featuring a low-back design for low-cut or backless dresses, it has a hook and eye crotch design for bathroom convenience.

Open Bust Shaping Bodysuit

This shaping bodysuit features bold, unique cross-over three layer design that also provides targeted, high compression to flatten the abdomen. Made of sweat-wicking, breathable mesh fabric, it can help to avoid any unnecessary sweat 



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