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Selecting The Right Size For Your Table Cover Is A Big Task To Explore

Are you planning to turn your basic looking table into a genuine masterpiece for the entire living room? Well, no you don’t have to purchase a new table for that. You need something else and that’s called table cover. If you have an old and worn out wooden table with multiple scratches on the surface, but don’t have the money to buy a new one, then getting a cover is the middle ground to focus at.

Placing the well-designed and artistically improved cover will actually help you to cover the flaws of the table. In the end, you can invite guests and friends over and no one will even realize what is under the table cover. 

Selecting the right size is very important:

Now, when you have gone through multiple sites, you will come across various types and sizes of the tablecloths. Choosing the right one is always a good call to address. Focus on the size first as that determines the final look of the entire dining table.

At first determine the drop of the table cloth:

For any of the casual events out there, the cloths must have a minimum of 6 to 8 inches of drop from the edge to the bottom. On the other hand, for the formal meet-ups, your tablecloth can have 15 inches of drop from edge to the bottom. 

The length of the table cover will help in dressing up the table and then set a complete tone for the meal near your hand. So, make sure to determine the drop first before you finally make a purchase, especially online.

Measurement of the table is also very important:

When you have decided with the kind of occasion to deal with, apply that same math for determining the length of the cloth now. 

  • For that, you need to measure the width and length of the table first.
  • After that, add twice the desired drop of each one of the side’s dimension.
  • In case you have a table that measures 42 inches in the width and 72 inches in length, then a drop of 9 inches is what you want initially. You need to double that up to 18 inches for every side for the perfect measurement.

For any of the round table, you better measure the table’s diameter and then add twice of the desired drop. In case you are looking for a 60-inch round table with that of a 15-inch drop, then you might need a 90 inches of round tablecloth for the ultimate covering.

Opt for the online calculators:

There are some table cloth manufacturing companies which are offering online calculators for you to check out. Here, you have to put thee measurement of the dining table you want to cover, and then press the button. In the end, you will receive the right calculative measures for the cloth. It is super simple to use the online calculator, even if you are planning to use it for the very first time. 

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