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Are you finding it difficult to enhance your website’s performance? Or Do you want to have a more reliable web hosting server for your website? Here you will find the solution for such concerns. In general, people seek cheap or affordable hosting services to run their websites online. With this thought, the shared server serves as the only option. 

However, when it comes to the optimal website’s functioning, speed, and uptime, you need to figure out if this can be achieved with a shared server or not. This is where the dedicated server Japan falls and becomes the perfect hosting choice. Dedicated server hosting provides everything required to host a website efficiently, be it any kind of website. Though many people do not pick even if they necessitate it because of its high cost as compared to other hosting servers.

 Thus, in this article, we will also make you aware of the Serverwala hosting company that provides the cheapest as well as the best-dedicated server in Japan. But first, let’s begin with why and when you require Best Dedicated Server Japan for your website. 

Why Do You Require a Dedicated Server Japan Service for Business Growth?

Dedicated Server Japan

The dedicated server hosting service allows you to rent a whole server in order to host your website. Unlike shared server hosting, no other user shares the space or resources of your dedicated server Japan. With the dedicated server hosting, you get the following crucial privileges – 

  • Your website acquires the dedicated IP address. 
  • You get the exclusive right over your server resources.
  • You can also scale up your server resources as and when your website needs them.
  • You get a private and isolated hosting environment that ensures high security.
  • Your website gets the maximum uptime and minimum downtime with high loading speed. 
  • You can configure your server settings in a way that can work the best for your website. 
  • You are allowed to customize your server at any moment. 

When Should You Opt Dedicated Server in Japan? 

Dedicated Server Japan

Although the dedicated server, Japan can provide excellent support to host your website at any stage. However, let us mention some of the cases where it becomes a necessity.

  • When you need a consistently high performance of your website
  • When you want your website to score higher SEO rank
  • When you require complete data security from all the security threats
  • When your website is receiving a heavy volume of web traffic 
  • When you need to run heavy-resource applications and programs
  • When you wish to have complete control over your server to run it as per your website’s demands

How is Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Hosting Japan the Best? 

Dedicated Server Japan

Serverwala has established itself as an industry-Leading Web Hosting Company. It has acquired high recognition through various awards for providing the best-dedicated server in Japan at the cheapest price possible. The company intends to deliver resilient technology and robust hardware tools for letting the websites function seamlessly. Moreover, you will acquire enterprise-grade hardware and secure networking with dedicated server hosting. Jump to the subsequent segment to know more about the features of Serverwala Japan dedicated server.  

Features of Dedicated Server Japan by Serverwala

#1. Hardware RAID

The Serverwala dedicated server Japan can provide the support for RAID – 0, 1, 5, 10, whenever needed. 

#2. Premium Bandwidth

Your website will get premium bandwidth in the range of 100 MBPS to 1 GBPS. 

#3. Private VLAN Subnets

You will be able to easily build private server clusters with the fastest network and utilizing the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets.

#4. Service Level Agreement

The company will give the guarantee of a 100% uptime network and other powerful facilities by providing the service level agreement with each plan.

#5. SSH Root Control

You will gain the SSH root control of your dedicated server Japan for doing server setup and customization with utmost ease. 

#6. Data Encryption

Your website will get the firewall protection and most eminent data security measures. 

Serverwala Best Dedicated Server Japan Plans & Prices

Dedicated Server Japan

Serverwala offers a comprehensive range of the cheapest plans and packages for dedicated server hosting in Japan. Each one of them comes with high scalability and flexibility to host your website. They can be upgraded easily in no time whenever your growing website demands. You can have both kinds of dedicated hosting plans with the company – managed & unmanaged. Further, you will be having 24/7 technical support with every dedicated server Japan plan. You will never be alone while encountering any issue, even if you buy an unmanaged dedicated server hosting package.

Customer Reviews

You must never miss examining the services of the hosting company you are looking forward to from your end. You need to ensure that you are buying the ideal hosting service for your website. Customer reviews are one of the best ways to find this out. They render insightful feedback about the company’s uprightness and the services it serves. So, let’s check out the customer reviews for the Serverwala dedicated server Japan.

Dedicated Server Japan


Different websites’ owners have different requirements, capacities, and budget constraints. Smaller, low-traffic, and less data-sensitive websites might work fine with the shared server hosting. However, the websites that need to host a large volume of traffic, anticipate requiring more customization or higher security must go with the dedicated server hosting.

 Now you have Serverwala hosting company rendering the cheapest dedicated server in Japan with full support from highly skilled experts. So, you do not need to worry much about the budget constraints with you. Connect with the company’s professionals right away to gather more knowledge about its dedicated server Japan hosting services and facilities. They are available via Phone Call, Skype, Whatsapp, Live Chat, and on some other mediums. Or you can also visit Serverwala’s informational website for the same –

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