Settlements for Automobile Crashes: Injuries vs. Property Damage

The severity of a car crash is affected by various variables, such as the size and speed of the cars involved, the direction of impact, and the angle of impact. There are crashes that can total an automobile but not the driver. Some accidents inflict relatively modest outside damage to an automobile but have devastating internal consequences.

Because of this, it is important to know what kind of legal representation you may need if you are ever involved in a crash. In the event of a minor collision, is it advisable to retain the services of a lawyer who specialises in personal injury law? Do you still require legal representation if no physical harm resulted from the accident? Discuss your case with Atlanta car accident attorney

What circumstances give rise to a claim for property damage?

In the minds of the general public, any auto collision automatically results in a personal injury lawsuit. However, a personal injury attorney does not typically handle cases with no physical injury and only property damage. Instead, the motorist files a property damage claim with their insurance, negotiating compensation for their vehicle’s repair costs, other incidental losses such as towing and rental car fees, and the fair market value of any personal property lost in the accident.

Insurance firms are more likely to process claims swiftly when the payouts are relatively small compared to those in the medical field.

Asking, “When do I have a personal injury claim?”

The stakes are higher for everyone involved in personal injury lawsuits, and the process is far more complex. Accident victims often need the assistance of personal injury attorneys to recover financial damages for things like medical bills, lost earnings, physical pain and suffering, and disfigurement.

You should get medical attention as quickly as possible after an automobile accident. Some motorists falsely assume that if their car is a little damaged in an accident, their injuries must not be serious.

The insurance firms, sadly, actively seek out delays in care. Insurance adjusters can claim that a driver sustained a soft tissue injury after an accident for which they were not responsible, even if the driver ignored the pain and discomfort immediately following the collision. To better your chances of receiving a reasonable settlement:

  • If you were injured in the accident, you should get medical help right once.
  • See a doctor as quickly as possible if you discover an injury after the fact.
  • Remember your scheduled visits and make sure to see the specialists your doctor recommends.
  • Record all of your visits to the doctor and your final prognosis.

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