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Should Men wear casual shirts in workplaces?

There is no denying that the choice of our clothes plays an integral role in everyday life. It hugely determines how people perceive us and even how we view ourselves. It is a medium of expression, an indisputable representation of our cultural, ethnic, and characteristic diversity. Considering how we dress becomes even more pivotal when you add the aspect of the workplace into the equation. 

Companies generally set a standard dress code for all their employees. It helps set an appropriate tone for the employees and create the right image of the organisation. Previously, men’s attire was limited to professional/business attire or business attire, however now casual shirts for men are also a part of business clothing. 

Nowadays, many companies are removing dressing restrictions and allowing casual shirts for men to be a part of office attire. And when it comes to simple casual T-shirts you can also make them look attractive with the help of a custom screen printing process, where you can choose any print and color of your choice on your basic T-shirts. One of the important factors in deciding the appropriate attire for your workplace is where you work. Creative industries like media and art tend to encourage casual attire at work.

Whereas industries where employees must create a certain professional image in front of their customers, like banking or IT, are found to have more conservative views on the matter. 

Now, we have discussed this in a broader sense taking into account how the entire organisation affects how you are required to present yourself. Some certain rules and regulations expect you to look a certain way at work. Here are two things to think about if you are considering wearing casual shirts at work:

  1. Do you think dressing in casual shirts for men will affect your productivity adversely? 

Some men might prefer the monotony of office attire, so they can focus on the task at hand rather than deciding what to wear. It also helps in making a point to divert the focus to the task at hand and not at other aspects (like clothes) that seem irrelevant in comparison. Considering this, if your stand is that clothes won’t affect your productivity, then that’s out of the way. 

  1.    Will it impact your colleagues and/or your clients in any way? 

A casual dress code can also impact customers’ impression of the employees and the company. They can view this as a display of unprofessionalism. It is critical to be mindful of the image and behavior you project towards your clients or customers. This is of course mostly applicable when you are working in an office setting. It is also wise to make sure that your ensemble does not affect or waver your colleagues and their work in any sort of way. A look around to take in how others dress for the job every day will also help shape your idea and perspective of what is expected of you. 

Benefits of casual T-shirts for men at work

In the following section, let’s discuss some benefits of choosing casual shirts for men for work. 

  1. You will feel more comfortable and at ease when you’re dressed more casually, and that might translate into your work as well. By that, we mean wearing t-shirts to work might help you work more productively, because then when you will be feeling more like yourself. 
  2.   It will give you the perfect opportunity for your individuality to shine through. Each person is different, and each feels their best in different things. As we mentioned in the very beginning, clothing is a great form of expression and is a great way of how you want to view yourself to others. And getting the opportunity to wear something other than the mundane clothes generally required by the office and letting your uniqueness and style shine through can be very empowering in a social setting for some men. It is sometimes encouraging enough for employees to work better and strive harder. This is why many HR teams contemplate making this move and changing things around in the office.
  3.           Another reason why HR discusses this change in their office dress code requirement is that many experts believe that when men are given more freedom to choose what they wear and be more comfortable in the workplace, it is very likely that their stress levels caused due to work reduces, and an atmosphere of amiability and cooperation is built in the office. 

Now that both aspects of casual shirts for men at work are discussed, many interpretations can be drawn depending on where you work and what your personality is. Some people work better when dressed formally, whereas others prefer to be comfortable and unbound by such restrictions. 

We believe that wearing casual shirts for men is a completely justified decision to make if you’re better suited to work in an environment where things aren’t uptight and regulated, at least when it comes to attire. 

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