Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Snow Chains and Headlights This Winter

Do you live in an area of the country that enjoys snowy or wet winters? If so, it’s time to start looking for the signs that tell you whether you need to upgrade your snow chains and headlights. Here are a few telltale signs so that you can get the jump on Old Man Winter!

Why Updating Your Snow Tire Chains?

Manufacturers design tire snow chains to last for many seasons, but it’s always a good idea to check your chains before winter for signs of wear and tear. If you see one or both of the following issues, it’s probably time to update your chains and invest in your and other drivers’ safety.

  1. Persistent rust: Light rust on a chain usually wears off once you drive in snowy or muddy conditions. If, however, the rust is persistent and you see signs of erosion or damage to the chain links, go ahead and plan to update your chains.
  2. Damaged or strained links: Snow tire chains are meant for snowy or muddy conditions, giving you additional traction. If your chains’ links are damaged or weakened, this can adversely affect your chains’ efficacy and leave your vehicle struggling, slipping or skidding in the snow or mud.

How Condensation Can Affect Your Headlights

Moisture or condensation in headlights is especially problematic when you’re driving after dark. Trapped water can create blind spots and dim your lights, resulting in the road’s and your vehicle’s decreased visibility. The risk for accident or injury is higher in these conditions, so give your headlights a pre-winter check and inspect them for the following signs of wear and tear:

  • Cracks
  • Seal damage
  • Trapped moisture or condensation

How To Deal With Trapped Moisture in Your Headlights

There are ways to remove light condensation from headlights yourself, from cleaning vents to repairing seals. When dealing with significant amounts of moisture, you may want to take your vehicle to a mechanic for professional cleaning or repair. If you find that your headlights are beyond repair due to extensive damage, browse manufacturers’ and vehicle parts vendors’ websites for the replacement headlights for your vehicle’s make, model and year.

Staying vigilant about checking your tire snow chains and headlights before winter sets in is a key to maintaining good vehicle health and personal safety while on or off the road in snow or mud. Also, add checking your tires to your list. If you’ve driven on dry pavement frequently with chains on your tires, they may have negatively affected your tire rims or treads.

Where To Find the Products You Need

Whether you need to update your snow chains, headlights or tires, browse vehicle parts vendors’ websites for the universal and vehicle-specific products you need as well as any accessories and tools required to get the job done yourself. Don’t forget that many vendors offer free shipping, top deals, flash sales and rebates to help you get more for your driving dollar. Keep your eyes open for these kinds of savings as you shop.

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