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Some essential kitchen utilities

The most significant cookware in a kitchen is a pan. Among all varieties of pans, a saute pan is beneficial for sauteing. Using skillets is also much helpful for frying in homes. Differences between a pan and a skillet are

. Generally, it consists of a straight side, whereas a skillet has a sloping side. And a skillet has a small cooking surface area compared with a pan.

Things to consider before buying

Try to buy a pan with a helper handle, and it is more beneficial to balance the pan during frying or move the pan on the stovetop. And a long handle is also helpful while flipping food items. 

  • And a pan with a surface of cast iron or stainless steel is much better to cook pan sauce or prepare meat dishes. So one should give some care to know the surface material. 
  • Cooking eatables in non-stick cookware is healthier than others. So consider buying a non-stick pan.
  • And look for a pan with light colour or sand coloured. So it will help to identify the cooking progress.
  • Try to buy a pan with a wide flat bottom. It will help to distribute the heat equally towards the entire area. So it will reduce the cooking time and energy for the preparation.
  • And a saute pan with straight sides will help deny the spilling over liquids while making sauces. 
  • Saute pan is available in a variety of sizes. So select one based on the needs. 

Advantages of saute pan compared with a skillet

  • Skillet is more beneficial for scrambling eggs. And for frying meats and vegetables, a pan is the best option. 
  • A pan is more advantageous for cooking liquid ingredients, whereas a skillet is not functional in cooking liquid items.
  • And a pan allows braising or shallow frying. 

Widely used pans for kitchens are

  • casserole pan

These come up with shorter sides and are made of cast iron metals. So it is easy to use on the stovetop. And it is much more effective for controlling steady heat and encourages slow preparation of food. 

  • Dutch oven

This type of pan is beneficial for making sauces, soups, deep frying, and preparing more items like bread, pasta etc. And the remarkable quality of the pan is that it retains heat for more hours. And these are made of cast iron steel and porcelain enamel. And the construction of the pan allows its ease of cleaning.

  • Crepe pan

These types have flat edges and are similar to an ordinary frying pan. And the user never faced any difficulty taking out the food items from the pan. And it does not support any sticking of food like a pancake. And it is available with a non-stick coating. 

  • Saucepan

They are smaller in size and have long handles. And the significant material used for making the pan is multi clad stainless steel. And the material comes up with qualities like heat retention and heat distribution. 

  • Frying pan

It comes up with sloped edges. And now types like non-stick, ceramic, stainless steel, and cast iron are available. Some of them are highly expensive but, following their life, are cost-effective. An egg pan is a small type of frying pan. It is widely used for kitchen purposes. 

  • Griddle

It is entirely different from other pans and has no sides or edges. The different types available are cast iron type, electric griddles etc. And one can select the range depending on the usage. 

  • Paella pan

The majority of the pans are made of cast iron. But nowadays, lighter carbon steels are also used for kitchen purposes. And these materials allow fast heating and cooling. 

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