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Some Helpful Tips for Storing Baby Formula

The way of preparing and storing the baby formula affects your baby’s health and safety. However, not all parents take it seriously. Here are the most important rules for storing baby formula.

Rule 1

Both before and after opening, the package with baby formula should be stored in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. You can store it in a cupboard in the kitchen, together with other products, such as porridges and corn crisps that you give to the baby. Do not store the package in the fridge or freezer since low temperature can degrade the quality of the cold baby formula.

Rule 2

Once you open the packaging with baby formula, its contents should be used within 4 weeks, because the product retains its nutritional properties only for this period.

Rule 3

After opening the package, it is not recommended to transfer the mixture to another container. Keep it in the original foil bag, of course, tightly closed. It is also important not to throw away the outer packaging immediately after opening because it contains all the most important information regarding the expiry date and the proper way to prepare the mixture.

Rule 4

The prepared mixture should be consumed within a maximum of an hour. It is not recommended to store such milk for long, as it is a great breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. Also, do not keep the mixture prepared but not consumed by the baby in the heater because in such conditions it will spoil even faster. 

Rule 5

Try to prepare exactly the amount of formula that the baby currently consumes. This will help you avoid situations where you have to pour out an unfinished mixture.

Rule 6

Do not prepare milk in advance, e.g., before leaving home with the baby. A better solution will be to take the powder and heated water separately in a thermos. Thermo bottles (bottle and thermos in one) or thermal insulation packaging for bottles are also available, which maintain the temperature of the poured liquid for 6 to 10 hours. They can be very useful for parents who travel, walk, and spend a lot of time outside with their babies.


To sum up, here are the key points of storing baby formula:

  • The formula prepared for infants and small children cannot stand for longer than an hour because it is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. 
  • After some time, you will know how much baby formula your little one consumes at a time. If you know that your baby drinks around 120 ml of milk at a time, try to prepare this amount. You will avoid throwing away unused products.
  • When you go for a walk with your baby, do not prepare the milk before leaving the house. Take with you separately packed baby formula powder and water at the right temperature, e.g., in a thermos. Prepare the meal when the baby is hungry.

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