Start the New Year with the Security System You Need

From retail stores to parking lots, businesses need to keep their property safe and secure at all times. Unfortunately, dangers and criminal activity seem to evolve every day. For this reason, businesses must stay on top of the latest security trends to find the best options to meet their security needs. From physical security systems to unified platforms, the latest technology provides businesses the edge needed to stay ahead of the dangers.


One of the most important parts of any security system is the cameras. Properly placed cameras can help the security team identify the criminal activity as it is happening. At Genetec, there are a variety of camera options businesses can utilize to meet their security needs.

Although cameras have been a part of most security systems for decades, the technology behind these devices has improved greatly. Instead of being tasked with identifying individuals through grainy images, the security team or law enforcement officers can now view crystal-clear images in real-time. Not only can criminal activity be more easily monitored, but criminals can also be prosecuted with clear video evidence.

Video Monitoring and Management

Having cameras strategically placed around a property is half the battle in security. The other half lies with monitoring and managing that video feed. Unfortunately, many management solutions require using their cameras and devices. Upgrading a monitoring or management platform could require replacing every camera on the premises.

Fortunately, there are solutions that allow businesses the ability to use the cameras and devices they prefer. Stratocast is one of these options. It is a video management platform that utilizes the cloud to collect and store the video feed of each camera. This cloud-based system allows business owners the ability to monitor their property from anywhere. It can even provide easy monitoring of multiple sites at once.

Businesses can even choose an option like Omnicast. This IP-based system allows easy streaming with clear pictures from each camera. This platform provides users with a flexible architecture that lightens the load on the network to ensure the fast and efficient streaming of video feeds. This architecture also provides easier storage.

Video Storage

Catching criminal activity or other threats in real time is always the goal. However, it is not always possible to do. When an issue occurs within a business, it is important to review security footage to identify all aspects of that incident. To do this, video surveillance must be recorded. Unfortunately, recording hours or days of footage on several cameras can be difficult to store securely without the proper equipment.

Fortunately, there are devices available that can provide a solution that meets any security system’s needs. Businesses can choose to store the videos on the cloud or even on a secure device centrally located. Either option can provide the needed storage capabilities to maintain as much video as needed.

These storage solutions can provide a secure method for keeping footage readily available whenever it may be needed. The raw video feed can be easily accessed by date and time or even location. The video information is completely protected to ensure that it is in its original form without access by unauthorized individuals.

Access Control

There are many areas that a business may need to restrict access. Whether it is to only allow certain employees or to keep everyone out of the area, solutions for access control are very important. For example, the inventory room of a retail business can be an attractive area for those wishing to steal products. Limiting the ability to enter these areas to those who are authorized to be in that area is important for reducing theft.

Access control can help in a variety of areas. However, aging systems can be costly to maintain and may not be providing the security needed. Fortunately, there are more modern approaches to access control. These systems provide a combination of cameras and devices that allow easy access for authorized individuals, but complete security in preventing unwanted visitors.

Parking lots can be difficult areas to provide security. Parking lots are a likely setting for both violent and property crime. These facts make it important for owners to limit access and provide protection for those who use the parking lot. Access control devices and automatic license plate readers can be great options for protecting these areas.

Automatic license plate readers provide a double benefit for access control. These devices can be used to identify vehicles as they pull into restricted areas. Access can be granted to the vehicles that are authorized for that location. Those who are unauthorized to be there or may have engaged in unlawful activity can be more easily identified by their license plate information.

Communication Management

The ability to communicate with security personnel is a very important part of any complete security system. In an emergency, having quick access to the right team members can be vital for gaining control of the issue. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can assist businesses in managing their team and incorporating the tools needed to get the job done right.

There are programs and devices that can integrate seamlessly within the property’s security system. Personnel can be contacted at their workstation or through handheld devices. Even intercom systems can be accessed quickly to provide important information to those who need it.  Video feed or other pertinent information can be sent throughout the system to ensure the team is equipped to handle whatever the situation requires.

Unified Security Platform

When developing the proper security system for a business or property, many aspects must be considered. Cameras, communication devices, access control products, and various other tools are necessary parts of many security systems. However, it can be a difficult feat trying to manage each of these tools and their accompanying programs.

Fortunately, there are complete security platforms that allow the integration of all parts of a security system. A unified security platform can help manage all aspects and all areas of the security system in one location. These platforms offer a variety of beneficial tools to help expand the security system’s abilities to manage any threat or issue.

In addition to providing the necessary tools to keep a security system streamlined, it also provides easy integration of various other aspects of the system. A single interface helps unify the security environment and reduces the training required for the security team. As new technologies arise to help meet the needs of changing threats, the system provides a familiar environment to integrate those new aspects.

The world is ever-changing and so are the threats that a company may face. A company needs to stay up to date on the latest developments in security. The right security system offers the flexibility companies need to rise to any challenge the future may hold. 

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