Story of a Lean Body Becoming a Bodybuilder

No one in this world has borne yet with six-pack abs and highly compact biceps and triceps along with built-up chest muscles. If you think that someone can naturally be born with such a muscular body, then you need to come out of your imagination as this can never happen. The only chance of happening this is in fairy tales or some Disney movies.

One has to earn all these muscle packs with his hard work, dedication, and commitment. You may also need to use steroids. Before you start using them, know how do anabolic steroids work and gain as much information as you can about them.

Speaking from my personal experience, once there was a time when I was a kid and was the thinnest person in my family. Being thin was not the actual problem, I have to face the comments of different fellows at school. They used to push me every time during my walk from the ground to the classroom. And it never ends there. My family members including my own siblings and my cousins used to make fun of me.

My parents asked me to not wear T-shirts and shorts due to my thin legs and arms. With the passage of time, during my teens and high school days, I started losing my confidence. I was the shyest guy in the school. I didn’t want to make friends because of my personality. My fellows still bully me and I can do nothing.

One day, while randomly scrolling through Facebook, I saw a post from some random guy about his transformation from a skinny body to a muscular body. I thought if others can do so, I can also do this. I searched for different weight gaining and muscle building tips. Then I dedicated myself towards my goals to achieve them.

I started with viewing different videos and then listening to the lectures of some professional bodybuilders. After that, I came to know that I should join a gym for that purpose. I chose a gym with a good reputation and a supportive staff who just want to assist me in achieving my dreams instead of laughing at my physical appearance.

I had to change my diet according to my workout routine. At the start, it was very tough to lift weights and train myself. But support from the fellows in the gym helps me a lot. I started taking a protein-rich diet. I have to do a part-time job as well to bear my bodybuilding expenses.

After a few weeks of working out in the gym and taking a heavy diet, I started feeling the changes in my body. My muscles, which were aching at the start, were now growing. This is the point that motivated me and boosted my energy level to do this further. After some time when my body got familiar with weight lifting and had enough tolerance capacity to bear intense exercises, I chose a training program.

This training program was specialized for beginners. I started exercising according to my workout plan, and after spending more than 1 year in my gym, I had gained strong biceps, triceps, chest muscles, and tightly packed abs.

I also started using steroids for rapid progress. Initially, I was hesitant because I had heard so many horrible stories about people facing their side effects. However, when I dug up more, I got to know that steroids are actually beneficial, provided you use them the right way. So, I placed my order at Steroids Fax, the best steroid shop online, and I still continue doing the same.

All of this was not easy to achieve for me. I have to face criticism from my classmates and relatives. They laughed at me when I used to go to the gym and called me by different names. But I never give up, as I had learned that the first thing to achieve your goals is dedication, hard work, and consistency.

I ignored everything and focused on turning my dreams into reality. But now I am happy that I manage to fight all the troubles with my determination. This proves fruitful for me, as my cousins and fellows who used to laugh at my physique are now wanting to get a body like me. Newshunt


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