Styling A Living Room Rug: The Ultimate Guide

What Are Living Room Rugs?

If you’re looking for a new rug for your living room, you might be wondering what types are available. While there are many different types, some have more durability than others. Wool rugs are the most popular type and are a great choice for living rooms that see a lot of foot traffic. Wool is also more comfortable to walk on than nylon, but they don’t last as long. If you’re planning to buy a new rug for your living room, make sure to choose one that is resistant to stains and staining.

When buying a new rug, make sure you allow a walkway of around 30 to 36 inches between large pieces of furniture, such as couches and chairs. Make sure to measure the area you intend to place your rug and be sure to bring a painter’s tape along for reference. By doing so, you’ll get a better idea of the size of your new rug before you spend any money. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes and designs to get the exact look you’re after. The rugs are a good accessory to have in your living room. 

The Elements Of Living Room Rugs

Choosing a rug is an essential part of your interior design scheme. A quality living room rug should be durable and easy to clean, ideally made of natural fiber. Depending on the size and configuration of your living room, a rug must be placed between the two sofas. If you want to avoid a cluttered look, select a rug that is an equal distance from both sofas. If your rug is unevenly placed in the middle of the room, it is most likely to be an undersized one. On the other hand, if the room is small, it is better to place the rug symmetrically, leaving a narrow strip of floor visible.

Choosing a rug for your living room depends on several factors, including the size and pattern. A rug may cover a small area, while a carpet may cover a large area of the floor. Both types of rugs need to be chosen with care, so they must fit the space they are going to be placed in. When choosing a rug, keep in mind the color scheme, and size. Remember that your living room is the heart of your house and you want the room to be welcoming.

Five Ways To Style A Living Room Rug

You don’t have to buy a whole new rug for your living room. Here are five ways to style your rug: Bold pattern, Cohesive color palette, circle or square size, and more. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to achieving the look you want. Hopefully, these ideas have helped you decide which rug to buy. We hope you enjoy our tips and tricks!

Cohesive Color Palette

When determining a color scheme for your living room rug, it’s important to create an overall cohesive color scheme. Think of the color scheme as a math problem. Your base color should be 60 to 70 percent of the room’s total area, while your secondary and tertiary colors should comprise about five to 10 percent of the space. The colors in your living room rug should balance each other, so each accent is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Bold Pattern

If you want a bold pattern living room rug, you can use it in connecting spaces, like the mudroom or the laundry room. You can also try out a bold rug in the entryway, as you’re not likely to be in these areas for long. If you don’t want to use the rug in the living room for a long time, you should consider a neutral one. But if you’re afraid to use a bold pattern, you can try out bold pieces in connecting spaces such as the stairs. 

Not only the living room but your bedroom needs proper decoration too. You can decorate your bedroom with a well-maintained bed consisting of a proper mattress, fluffy pillow and sheets of cotton and microfibre. Like the living room, the bedroom’s look and feel matters a great deal too. 

Cohesive Pattern

For a harmonious look, use a pattern that is similar to your furniture. You can mix and match materials and textures, and choose a textured pile rug for your living room while a flat, hardwearing rug will serve as a durable floor covering under your dining table. You can also use a different pattern to emphasize your personality. In a living room with patterned furniture, consider using a bold pattern to match your rug and furniture. This might not be a good option if you have a small space. On the other hand, a big room is the right place for a large rug with a bold pattern.

Neutral Color Palette

If you’re looking to add a new accent to your living room, consider a neutral color palette. This palette is both timeless and versatile. Choose one shade of the color that complements the rest of the room, and then add accessories and art in the same hue. A neutral color scheme also works well in a large room with multiple uses, such as a dining room or family room. Then, choose a living room rug that echoes this color scheme.

Layering Rugs In A Living Room

Adding layers of rugs to your living room can help create a cohesive look that works with the rest of your furniture. Not only can you add a sense of depth to the room, but you can also use layering rugs to change up the colors in your space. The following tips will help you get started with layering rugs in your living room. The size of the top rug will depend on the other elements of the room. And if you don’t find the proper rug for your rooms, you can decorate your rooms with a proper sized throw blanket as well. Throws are warm and delicate to the touch, thus making for a good look and feel. 


Using rugs is a great way to add a new look to a room. Rugs can help you refresh a rented room, and can add an attractive touch to your walls. They can also serve as permanent decorative touches. For example, you can match a bold patterned rug with a neutral color palette, or vice versa. For best results, use a combination of two or more rugs to create a unique look.

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