Superstition or Science? How Your Star Sign May Impact Your Gambling Fortunes

Gambling is an ocean for risk-takers. Associating it with luck is customary in the industry. From spinning slots to playing card games, a gambler’s fortune depends on luck at that time. Thus, several betting fanatics consider placing a stake after analyzing astrology predictions for the day. It helps analyze whether the planets and houses of a star sign support gambling.

Let’s learn more about the impact of stars on gambling activities. 

Role of Astrology in Gambling

Since the zodiac sign remains the same throughout life, understanding it may help discover the best ways to play in casinos. Astrologists use birth chart tools to study and foretell future betting outcomes. Thus, knowing the exact time of birth is crucial to cast an accurate horoscope in a person’s life. 

The transition and placement of astrological bodies as per natal and solar-arc charts provide detailed information about a person’s personality and response to different situations. Using this horoscope data, an astrologist predicts who can achieve success in gambling faster and lose or make more money. Some Astro believers even consider daily horoscope predictions to know if is today my lucky day to gamble and how much money I can make. 

Factors Affecting Gambling Fortune

Usually, people know their zodiac signs. However, some regularly check their horoscope to get deeper insights into their future and finances based on different planetary activities. That said, several factors play a crucial role while studying the horoscope for gambling.

Planets Transition

The planet’s prevailing order should favor a gambler’s birth chart to win rewards. If not, you’ll lose more often while playing games of chance. It means your horoscope doesn’t support earning money through betting.

You may win real-money bets easily if the benefic planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) in your horoscope transit in the 5th, 8th, and 9th houses. 

For instance, luck will be on your side if Superior Jupiter transits the 8th house, especially in the lottery game. Besides, gamblers usually make it big in the gambling market with a strong moon in the 5th house and no unfavorable impact on the 12th house.

Thus, specific planets in a person’s birth chart are essential to earn while gambling. 

Horoscope Houses

According to astrology, making money through betting games depends on the factors influencing the 2nd, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 12th houses in a birth chart. These houses indicate your unexpected winnings, wealth, material gains, financial losses, and fate based on your actions.

So by studying the houses in a birth chart, astrologers can ask if today is your day to win big or not.

Supporting Signs 

Not every zodiac sign has the same traits. Similarly, some astrological signs attract more money by gambling than others.

A person with great fortune in the game of chance can be Taurus, Virgo, Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, and Libra. Besides, the probability of winning improves if these stars position in the fifth house. 

Lucky Numbers

Apart from star signs, some people use numerology to gamble on a particular day, time, or gambling event. Calculations based on your date of birth and full name can determine the lucky numbers for a player. 

Gambling Fortune Based on Zodiac Signs

Are the stars really in favor of you while gambling? Here’re some indications based on your personality and zodiac signs.


Lucky Game: Poker

The competitive and confident nature of Aries makes them risk-takers. Hence, they can earn good money by playing games that require good strategy, like poker. 


Lucky Game: Crap

Taurus’s strategic and stubborn characteristic allows them to take control of the situation seamlessly. If your star sign is Taurus, don’t look beyond crap. The quick-thinking approach of this dice game suffice your innate personality, and you may walk away with a worthy win.


Lucky Game: Live Casino

Socially active Geminis would love to try their luck at the live table. The lively and real-like environment will keep you pumped, which can boost your success rate.


Lucky Game: Sportsbook

An emotional, intuitive, and social butterfly, that’s Cancerian in a nutshell. This person can easily manage the ups and lows of the gambling world. So sports betting is ideal for people with a Cancer birth sign. You’ll enjoy the thrill and planning that the game brings to the table.


Lucky Game: Live Blackjack

Leos are confident, attention-seekers, and fiery. They can better beat the odds by playing Blackjack on the live dealer section. This table game will give you an ultimate dose of challenge. After winning the card game, you can tell the world why you’re the best.


Lucky Game: Poker

Virgos are analytical and rational thinkers, which limits them from playing risky, luck-based betting events. You can make a fortune by placing a stake in a poker game.


Lucky Game: Slots

Unpredictable and impulsive Libras need help with decision-making. So focus only on a game of chance – slot machines. 


Lucky Game: Baccarat

Scorpions are calm personalities who like analytical planning. This nature improves their odds in the Baccarat game.


Lucky Game: Keno

Sagittarians are adventurous souls, ready to take any challenge head-on. So Keno is your perfect match to earn a few bucks!


Lucky Game: Video poker

Shy yet practical, Caprcornians think before they act. Video poker will serve your desire to hedge the bets.


Lucky Game: Poker

People with this zodiac sign are fearless, logical, and social. Luck is on their cards when they play poker.


Lucky Game: Fish Table

Emotional in personality, Pisces can’t pick any casino game and expect to win. Thus, the easy-to-play fish table game is their only choice.

Bottom Line

Astrology may help predict, but putting all your trust in your stars to win the bet is superstition. Sometimes people lose the wager even on their expected lucky day. Thus, getting rich fast by reading the horoscope can lead to disaster or insolvency. You can only rely partially on your stars every time you bet. 

Learning the right gaming strategies is crucial to beat the odds. There’s a reason even betting site operators encourage responsible gambling. Simply put, the luck factor combined with skillsets is a perfect approach to sail in this industry.

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