Take A Look At The Impressive Background Story of Dinosaur BBQ

Dining in famous restaurants is one of the fantastic and memorable experiences of every summer. There is nothing great like a combination of live music, cold beverages, hot barbecue, and the excellent company of friends and family.

As a BBQ enthusiast, grilling means a good time, good food, and good friends giving you a break from the hassles of life. There are different types of BBQ joints, but the Dinosaur BBQ is exceptional. 

Take a look at the impressive background story of Dinosaur BBQ.

The Impressive Background Story Of Dinosaur BBQ

How The Dinosaur BBQ In Harlem Began

The Dinosaur BBQ Harlem began life in 1983 as a mobile modification stand using a gallon drum cut into two. This idea was hatched by John Stage and two partners in Harley Rendezvous, a massive motorbike synod near Albany, New York.

The three friends lynx grills thought of giving bikers a good plate of food, and the Dinosaur BBQ could deliver that. For around five years, this grill’s home was the road and the founders were serving excellent BBQ in all motorcycle events, festivals, and fairs throughout the Northeast.

In 1988 the founders stopped the road life and settled in downtown Syracuse New York as a quick-service BBQ joint. The restaurant tripled in size in 1990, adding a bar, live music, and full-service dining. As glorious time went by, the Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem established six more joints in different locations to conquer the high demand.

Achievements Of The Dinosaur BBQ

The dinosaur BBQ in Harlem is nationally acclaimed and accredited. The food and sauces made from these joints have won honors in prominent publications like Eating Well and Men’s Health magazines.

Dinosaur BBQ is crowned the best BBQ in the country by Good Morning America and featured on numerous Travel channels, and Food Network shows. In 2002, the National Association of BBQ voted Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: An American Roadhouse as the best BBQ cookbook.

Genuine And High-Quality BBQ

At Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem, fresh, homemade, and prime are not just watchwords but the bedrock. These joints commit their energy to provide high-quality food and authentic hospitality.

Every year, guests from all over the globe visit these great restaurants to have a good time and sample some of the best BBQs in the country. The menu has traditional roots of Southern BBQ and other flavors with a distinctive character.

The Founder Of Dinosaur BBQ

John Stage is the initiator and owner of Dinosaur BBQ, who began his cooking career on the open road. He and his two friends started this business to serve great meals for motorcycle events with a half-cut 55-gallon drum.

John Stage has established more joints in Buffalo, Brooklyn, Rochester, New Jersey, Troy, and Newark. These joints have gained a reputation for the great meals served in a vibrant and lively setting. 


The Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem is a celebrated grill with numerous positive reviews. Meals cooked at these joints are influenced by distinctive characters creating unique flavors compared to other alternatives. The most remarkable thing about the Dinosaur BBQ is that you can prepare similar meals at home and have a great time with friends and family.

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