The 10 Impressive Benefits of Email Marketing Solutions for Business

Are you struggling to build an audience on social media?

Maybe you post often and take time to research relevant hashtags but it just doesn’t get you the results you need. This is an incredibly common issue for businesses that are trying to establish themselves and build an online presence.

The answer for your business might be email marketing solutions. Not what you expected? Here are 10 reasons why email marketing is the best way to reach customers.

1.Targeted Content

Using email marketing opens up a range of possibilities for connecting with customers.

For example, you can create content that is adjusted to the individual addressing them by name, filtering who receives it according to other details you may have on each customer, etc.


Taking that a step further, you can also create personalised content! If that sounds like too much work to produce, there are plenty of companies like Content Bacon that can automate the process for you to add a personal touch that will impress your clients.

3.Improve Brand Recognition

Top email marketing platforms make an impression on customers and invite them to engage. You are likely to be signed up to a couple of mailing lists yourself, how many of those emails do you actually open?

There may be one or two that you see and get excited to read, but often others just stay unopened. Use an email marketing system that will help you to get recognised.

4.Build Meaning Customer Relationships

Don’t just spam your potential customers, use your email marketing funnel in a positive way by sending content that is worth reading. Write things that will inspire or educate your contacts.

5.Get Customers Engaged and Excited

Using your email marketing blog spots to build hype around product launches, news, updates and more is key to success. 

Plan in advance how your emails can highlight future aspects of business and really draw in your customers.

6.Boost Sales

Obviously, not every email should be SELL, SELL, SELL because you are likely to lose subscribers. But, healthy self-promotion on a weekly basis or subtly included links can boost your sales and see your profits line bump up every time you send a message.

7.Direct Links to Your Website

Using emails means you can bring your customers right to you from their inbox. Post links to your website and whatever else you want to promote.

8.Become an Authority

Having a regular spot in clients inboxes to talk about topics relevant to your business gives you the perfect platform to establish yourself as the expert. Make it relevant and people will associate your brand with the important knowledge about that topic.

9.Better for your budget

We are not advising you to rely solely on cheap email marketing, but there are plenty of platforms that are much cheaper with a regular subscription than other means of digital marketing.

And by utilizing their email, you get a prime spot that you could not afford on a social site.


Just like with social posts, you can access incredible reporting tools to analyse your email marketing campaigns.

Some are built into the platform and others require a plugin but the information gathered is invaluable.

Email Marketing Solutions Are Simple

Whatever value you see in email marketing solutions from just this article, we promise there is a lot more to be gained from going and setting it up. If you are not already utilizing this invaluable tool, you need to start now.

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