The Best Emergency Solutions For Broken Fixtures And Plumbings At Home!

Unforeseen situations need temporary immediate solutions. For example, how often have you found your house in a mess due to a heavy thunderstorm when one of the fixtures suddenly gives up, and you have no option but to handle the mess yourself? Obviously the first thing you should do is to call an emergency plumber Newcastle, but what can you do to now to minimise damage in the meantime? 

So here we come with some basic ideas that will help you deal with the mess for the time being until a professional plumber in the Coomera comes in with a permanent solution.

Shut off the supplies …

The first thing you want to do is to shut off the water supply. Next, drain the remaining water from the pipe and relieve any pressure. Finally, thoroughly check the damaged area and clean it properly. 

Pipes could be more damaged than they appear to be. Therefore, it’s important to be very cautious while handling these fixtures as they can potentially collapse. 

Fix it with what you have!

For smaller ruptures:

For pinhole ruptures, electrical or duct tape can help you fix the problem temporarily. Just tie the duct tape and keep it tight using hose clamps at both ends of the tape. This can help you keep the hold temporarily and fixed until you can get hold of the plumber who is a professional in repairing the burst pipes

For big holes:

For a bigger hole or a leak, you can go on with the epoxy putty. It comes in a two-part stick form that gets activated when two-component materials are kneaded together. After cleaning and drying the pipe, put on a pair of gloves and cover the hole properly with the prepared putty. 

If you are handier, you can choose to go for the pipe repair clamp; they consist of two metal plates and a rubber sheath similar to the hose clamp sheath. After placing the plates over the hole and around the pipe, they are tightened together with screws.

You can use a C-clamp in case you are out of epoxy or hose clamps. Just cover the hole with the rubber and place a wooden block on top to spread the clamp’s pressure, keeping it from collapsing the pipe. 

For longer and longer solutions:

You can easily take advantage of these solutions if they are present in your homes. But just in case this is your first time and you are out of luck, you can go for repair kits specifically designed for long-term pipe repair among your supplies that will set your mind at ease. Then, all you need to do is prepare the pipe surface, activate the tape with water, and follow the application instructions. 

But whatsoever, these are temporary solutions that can keep you going for hours or even for days. But you are not an expert, and these remedies could further damage the pipe system if not done with proper instructions.

So Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Seek Professional Help As Soon As Possible:

  1. Plumbers are well aware of what they’re doing
  2. Plumbers have all the proper tools and materials
  3. Plumbers can easily find hard-to-find problems with your fixtures.
  4. Professional plumbing services can safeguard your property from any extensive damage.
  5. Plumbing companies offer ongoing customer support.
  6. Plumbers can save you from an unexpected plumbing emergency and unexpected or incredible loss. 

Always choose the plumbing company that offers you same-day services in most cases, guarantees their work, and does not charge extensively for efficient and minute services!



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