The Best Folding Exercise Bikes: Buying Guide

When looking to lose weight or simply incorporate physical activity for a healthier lifestyle, we can go from training to training until we find one that suits our resistance and needs, but is also fun, so that it does not become a burden. exercise, especially when it comes to doing it at home.

And if we are looking for a complete workout that combines burning calories with an entertaining exercise, you will surely find that the best folding exercise bike is in the first places, allowing you to obtain all the benefits of pedaling in a simple, practical and dynamic way. Lets read stationary bikes reviews and comparisons in this guide.

What to look for in a folding exercise bike suitable for the home

These training tools are a good way to do sports in any closed place, be it at home, in the apartment on the beach or in the town, as well as having a better way of storing, taking up much less space. You must take into account some essential points, which must be present in the one you are going to choose. 

I put it up here, the first one, for a good reason because if this part is not comfortable, we are going to be constantly sore, so maybe we don’t want to use it as much anymore, leaving the exercises aside.

Wider seats usually offer extra comfort and probably have more foam to cushion the weight. These factors together will allow you to spend much more time riding, helping to have more pleasant workouts and without ailments. Take this factor into account and surely you will not fail when choosing one with good features and comfortable to pedal without stopping.

limit weight

This factor always depends on the manufacturer, model and even the construction materials, so do not forget to observe what the maximum weight supported is, since if you exceed these limits you can damage some part of the bicycle. Most of the folding exercise bikes can usually support between 100 kg and 160 kg, so this wide range means that it can be used by the vast majority of people. Buy a model according to your weight and try to ensure you take a margin of about 15 to 20 kg more to avoid premature wear.

Frame structure or shape

One of the parts where you have to pay the most attention is the design of the frame, this is going to provide you with the fact that the bicycle remains strong and resistant for much longer. The strongest construction materials for folding exercise bike frames are aluminum and steel.

After taking into account the material, you may want to change or adjust the position of the grips of the hands or the handlebar as best as possible, it is something that is possible in models of intermediate range or more, having this feature can make different people in the house can enjoy the bicycle with which they can settle down and pedal for hours from home.


The budget available to each one is very varied, as are the prices available in the current market, in which more and more brands present professional models or why not? for starters. With so much to choose from, it is normal to try to find the best value for money option, but it is easy to find an affordable model with high quality features. They are usually around a price between €120 and €300.


This is something that will save us headaches in the future if the product offers a good guarantee or if it were possible to extend it for a longer time, avoiding any problem that may arise in the mechanics of the folding stationary bike.

We hope that you never have defects or surprises with your bike, follow the maintenance advice in the manuals and if you need it you can contact a professional who solves any technical need.

Screens, accessories and extras

Some improvements are essential of magnetic resistance indoor bikes, these can help you improve performance thanks to being informed at all times of speeds, calories and other information. We are talking about LCD screens or in some more modern models that incorporate LEDs. They must be easy to read and can display as much information as possible, pedaling time, resistance levels, average speed, partial and total calories consumed, among others.

A very useful extra is the heart rate monitor, there are models that have a wrist strap to measure heart rate more accurately, apart from the ones that are available on the handlebars or fasteners. A few years ago they also began to incorporate supports for tablets or mobile phones, super useful for listening to music, watching video clips and even a movie or series that you like while you pedal at home.

Technological advances in folding exercise bikes

As in many everyday aspects, the advancement of technology makes consumer devices much more efficient in general. In the case of stationary bikes, they have advanced in the way of measuring the user’s condition, quality of the mechanisms and even the most advanced with multiple training programs with variable effort.

You will really have to think about whether these advances are necessary for you, keep in mind and always think in the long term, in the future it is likely that if you continue with constant training you will need a machine with more quality or that different stages with variable resistance could be chosen. that makes you exert yourself to the maximum, noticing an improvement in the strength of your legs and your cardiopulmonary capacity.

Keep your training goals in mind, but what has been said, take a good look at the specifications, in case you need a machine with more features and functions later on.

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