The best watercolor pencils for drawing

The best watercolor pencils for drawing. The best watercolor pencils for drawing. Not so long ago, we talked on these pages about which colored pencils to choose for drawing. Today we want to take an extra step and, in a particular direction to discover the best watercolor pencils or drawing accessories that give us the possibility to create truly unique works, thanks to their enormous versatility. We will see what watercolor pencils are and how they differ from ordinary soft colored pencils in the following few lines. We will then discover the best watercolor pencils for lotus flower drawing and the pencils belongs to the most popular brands.

What are watercolor pencils?

Before seeing which the best watercolor pencils are, let’s see what they are and how they differ from classic colored pencils. In appearance, they are pretty similar, as they are in use: in fact, using watercolor pencils is the same as using pencils with a very soft lead. Someone could use and finish an entire pack of watercolor, colored pencils without realizing it at all! The difference comes when the water takes over, for example, by moistening the strokes made with watercolor pencils with a slightly wet brush.

At that moment, the magic happens! Colors blend, shades change, expressiveness increases, and possibilities multiply. In short, with watercolor pencils, some of the distinct advantages of watercolors are added to the typical properties of colored pencils, with much more robust and more exciting results than those that can obtain with dry pencils.

The best watercolor pencils

The watercolor pencils of the English brand are already stylish in appearance, being white with only the colored upper part: the strong contrast created on the pencil shaft makes it extremely easy to identify from time to time the sought-after color in the pile of colored pencils. Arrangement. The colors that can obtain with these watercolor pencils are vibrant and bright, a feature that, it must be said, can already be appreciated during the classic, dry use.

It is not surprising: the extra-fine pigments used for these pencils are the same ones used to make the brand’s watercolor colors. The generously sized colored lead is very resistant to breakage. Overall, the quality/price ratio of watercolor pencils with the Winsor & Newton Studio is hardly beaten and offers the possibility to take home a set of good quality watercolor pencils at a meager price!

Colored pencils

Here too, we have watercolor pencils at a decidedly affordable price with a quality that does not disappoint. We are talking about live pigments, collected in the lead with a generous diameter that is particularly hard – for a pencil of this type – if used dry. The hardness of the lead is given by its chalky texture, which allows the colors to remain bright and vibrant over time. The exceptionally resistant tip lasts for a long time without compromising the use of watercolor: the pigments, once activated with water, allow excellent mixing and are particularly vibrant and robust.

Watercolor colored pencils

Slightly more expensive than the two pencils just seen, the Derwent Watercolor are watercolor, colored pencils that look bluntly for professional use. Designers, illustrators, painters can find in these pencils the perfect way to give vent to their creativity, with a range consisting of 72 different colors. The mine is soft (more than that of the Lyra, for sure) but at the same time capable of precision, smooth and pleasant. The Derwent Watercolors do not stand out in terms of their ability to cover the paper. Still, compared to more opaque watercolor pencils, they have a depth of the highest level, to have light colors, yes, but to be developed without limits.

The main questions about watercolor pencils

There are several questions that artists ask themselves about watercolor pencils. In this paragraph, we will try to answer the most popular ones.

How can you use watercolor pencils?

These colored pencils are incredibly versatile. They can be used commonly, dry, or they can be used precisely as watercolors. So here it is possible to retouch the pencil strokes with a damp brush, it is possible to moisten the sheet significantly and then use the pencil, or again, it is possible to “draw” some pigment from the pencil (directly from the tip, occasionally, or using a palette, regularly) and paint like an actual painting.

How do you define the quality level of a watercolor pencil?

There are so many factors to consider! There is the quality of the mine, with low-level ones that break easily and sometimes appear already broken inside the barrel, even without having suffered particular blows. However, the difference is above all the pigments used, which can be more or less pure, more or less intense. The lightfastness of the various colored pencils also depends on the quality of the pigments used.

Is it possible to correct the stroke made with a watercolor pencil?

By using a white eraser, watercolor pencils can erase delicacy and patience like any other colored pencil. The situation is different when they are used with water, in the ways seen above. In this case, we are dealing with “color spots” very similar to those with watercolor colors. In short, pure and straightforward erasure is almost impossible to obtain in this case, and you will have to proceed in another way to correct your work.

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