The collaboration that is happening right now between Evolution Gaming and Maxim88 online casino Singapore

Since 2006, a highly regarded online casino software developer that operates on an international level has produced a multitude of high-quality casino games. We all know this software developer by the name of Evolution Gaming. The company collaborates closely with the market’s most senior leaders, recently, they have just announced their partnership with the number one online casino in Singapore, Maxim88. Evolution Gaming is a brand that employs the B2B strategy to give all of their customers online casino solutions across numerous devices and channels. In 2020, Evolution purchased Red Tiger and NetEnt. In the same year, it also built live casinos in the US.

Why Maxim88 members are celebrating the online casino’s collaboration with Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming offers an opportunity for Maxim88 players to enjoy a real life simulation of the casino gambling experience while they are sitting at their own homes. The games provided by Evolution Gaming, that are now available at Maxim88 online casino Singapore as well, includes HD visuals that elevate the gaming experience for all Maxim88 players to a new level. Evolution Gaming’s live table games also feature attractive live dealers to interact and engage with the players. All the games provided by Evolution Gaming will have live dealers who will run the game and thus enhancing the atmosphere of the table game. Using the inside live chat function, players can communicate efficiently with the live dealer hosting the game. Players may also connect with other gamers and speak with them mid game, this fosters a sense of community among the participants unseen in other online casino games.

Promotions and vast selection of games

A ton of bonuses and promotions are coming to Maxim88 all thanks to Evolution Gaming. Players are consistently attracted to Maxim88 and Evolution Gaming due to the fact that the finest feature of these platforms is their promotions and bonuses. They have exclusive promotions and prizes for these games, encouraging gamers to play more. Besides, the platform also offers a wide selection of games, which is a notable feature. From blackjack and roulette to poker and baccarat, players will get to enjoy a unique online casino experience with Maxim88 and Evolution Gaming. Visit Maxim88’s official website to learn more bonuses and promotions.

Live Casino Games from Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming offers some of the greatest live casino games ever created. Evolution also offers a vast selection of tables to foreign players, allowing them to experience live roulette games from anywhere in the world. The live streaming option will not be cumbersome, and the game experience will be flawless and exceptional. Maxim88 is an online casino that is famous for providing highly immersive live casino games, and few of the most popular are included in the Maxim88 catalog of live casino games due to the collaboration.

Live Roulette Variations And Tables

The live roulette games provided by Evolution Gaming are remarkable. It offers several variants of roulette, including immersive, slingshot auto roulette, European roulette, Immersive lite, and American roulette. French roulette, dual play roulette, speed roulette, live double-ball roulette, and mini live roulette are further varieties. The vast majority of live roulette games offer both traditional and 3D viewing options to all players. Dual Play Roulette enables land-based and online players to play the same game together. There are also potentially unique characteristics that can be found only in Live casino games from Evolution games, this includes mobile friendly UI, IRC chat and so much more.

Real dealer blackjack table games

Even while blackjack games are rather popular, the live dealer version will provide you a whole different experience. In terms of quality and speed, Evolution’s live dealer blackjack is far superior to land-based blackjack games. Similarly to roulette, blackjack offers both traditional and 3D viewing modes. On the other hand, “Blackjack Party” and “Live Blackjack” are two sorts of blackjack games offered. The live version of the game is reminiscent of a party due to its festive atmosphere, amusing dealers, and lively background music. You may talk with the dealer throughout gameplay, and they will provide you advice and hints as you continue to play.

Additional Live Dealer Games

Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold ’em, and Bonus Poker are the greatest of Evolution’s live dealer games. Some of them share the same viewing modes, such as traditional and 3D, while others offer several varieties. This gives players a variety of alternatives, allowing them to select the desired live dealer game. If you adhere to the proper techniques and make your wagers appropriately, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to earn actual cash in the form of prizes or bonuses.

Mobile Video Game Compatibility

Under Evolution Gaming, there are so many unique and high-quality mobile games available. Players are encouraged to explore the most popular mobile games with Maxim88.

Loyalty program

When it comes to refining the gaming experience, Evolution Gaming has left no stone unturned. Loyalty programmes are required features of a live casino platform that will be coming to Maxim88 online casino Singapore. Consistent players will love the opportunity that Evolution Gaming offers to them to seek out compensation. Evolution Gaming has implemented a reward point system for their platform, in which points may be exchanged for bonuses and surprises. For example, you must play more and more games to accumulate reward points, and once you reach the appropriate level, you may swap them for a bonus and pay them out. It’s incredible that simply playing more on a platform may improve your award totals.

Payment method available at Maxim88

When you first visit a casino website, you will seek for the available payment methods. Maxim88 is an online casino that is committed to take care of your banking needs by providing a variety of deposit and withdrawal alternatives. In this Singaporean online casino, deposit and withdrawal options available include bank transfer, debit card, credit card, E-wallet such as Paypal as well as cryptocurrency. 

Security and privacy

Both Evolution gaming and Maxim88 promise to do everything and put in all their effort to protect the security and privacy of all of their members. They are both brands that set the standards for other online casino brands to follow, after all, so they have easily earned the trust of the online casino community in Singapore. All of your personal data and information will be protected on the website, as it employs cutting-edge security technology.

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