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The definition of a moodboard

Do you have an idea for your future project, but don’t know where to get inspiration? It is difficult to find what you’re looking for on the web, so instead of wasting time on searching why not create it yourself? That’s when a moodboard comes in hand. It is a simple tool to visualise your thoughts and determine what you are going for. We will talk about what a moodboard is, who needs it, where to get free moodboard templates and what a board should include. 

What is a moodboard good for?

A moodboard is a collection of images used as a reference for your future work. To make a better understanding of what it is, it is to imagine a situation. For instance, someone needs to update their wardrobe and has no idea where to start. Instead of telling their stylists a long story about all the details of their future look, they will simply show a picture. This will help a professional to quickly get what they need. Or, when a web designer is trying to explain to the client what their ideas are for the upcoming project, it’s best to show it. There are some examples of what a moodboard can help you with:

  • web design;
  • events;
  • interior planning;
  • photoshoot;
  • makeup looks, hairstyle.

You can create a moodboard with either a graphic editor or by using premade templates, for example on There is a native interface where you can simply drag and drop the needed picture onto a ready template. 

What should be on a moodboard 

A moodboard should consist of images of the same style. There is no right way to do it. A mood board is usually made up of different elements that together will set the mood for your future project. It is a collection of photos, illustrations, swatch pallets, logos and textures. You can start with the image that represents your idea. Then, find a second one which is closest to the previous. Add some color swatches based on the context of your collection. You can add multiple colors, just make sure that they compliment each other. To make sure the color scheme is harmonious, you can use color generators, such as ColorSpace or Coolors. Then, you can add some fonts if necessary. You can choose the most fitting ones in the editor. You can also add some textures – an image of materials. For example, stone, marble, metal, etc. There is no limit to how you can do it. The only thing you should be concerned about – is how much your work helps to represent your project. 

Will the moodboard help?

Creating a moodboard will help you to see more clearly the potential of your future project. Also, you can collect feedback from your clients and make needed adjustments. It is much easier to do this than to imagine or describe your thoughts. With a board, you can bring any idea to life.

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