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The Difference Between Good and Very Good Diamond Cuts

Before the GIA created a grade system for diamond cut good vs very good, the industry referred to them as “made well” and “made poorly.” Gem geeks, who spend years studying every facet of the diamond, studied its proportions, symmetry, and appearance. While some of these qualities are similar in both grades, there are key differences between these two classifications. The following article will give you an idea of the differences between very good and very poor cuts.


The GIA considers a stone to be exceptionally well-cut if it scored high marks in three different categories, including cut, clarity, and carat weight. But excellent does not necessarily mean it is flawless or a flawless diamond. For example, a GIA excellent can be a bad ass. And, a better-cut AGS stone can cost less than a GIA excellent.


A GIA Good cut grade is the least desirable cut quality. Most diamonds in this category have excessively steep crown angles and shallow pavilions. The primary reason why these diamonds have this cut grade is because cutters are trying to maximize weight retention for more profits. A poor-quality diamond will lack brilliance and sparkle. Moreover, a large percentage of round diamonds falls into this category.


A good cut diamond should have a crown angle of 35.0 degrees. This is the perfect balance between dispersion and brilliance. On the other hand, a 75% lower girdle facets should create a bigger sparkle. A good diamond is a good compromise between excellent and very good. A poor cut will be expensive but will not be as sparkly as a diamond with an excellent cut.

Very good:

A very-good diamond will be symmetrical and have a high contrast pattern. A very-good diamond will have a better color than a very-good one. A very-good diamond will look more radiant and beautiful. It will reflect light well. It will also retain a high contrast. It will look like a higher-quality diamond if it is cut properly. A very-good cut will have a higher symmetry than an excellent one.

The difference between good and excellent lab grown diamonds cuts is not always the same. Though they have a similar look, they are not the same. They differ in seven measurements. The most important are Table and Depth. While both grades of diamonds are equal, the differences can be significant. A very-good diamond will be better than an average diamond. A very-good diamond will have perfect proportions. A very-good diamond will have an even better table.

A diamond’s cut grade is not the only factor that determines its value. Whether it is very-good depends on the person’s personal preferences and the budget. If the diamond is very-good, it will have a high-quality girdle. In contrast, a very-good diamond will have a low-quality girdle. This is a sign that it is cut too poorly.

The brilliance.

Besides the cut quality, another important feature is the brilliance. A diamond with a high brilliance will also be very-very-clear. However, if its cut is poor, it will appear dull and lifeless. A diamond with a poor-quality cut will have a distinctly dull appearance. The better the cut, the more expensive the diamond will be. A very-good diamond will cost more than one with an Excellent girdle.

Optical symmetry

In addition to the cut, optical symmetry is another important factor. If the diamond has poor optical symmetry, it will have a higher degree of darkness. An excellent cut will have better symmetry. An ideal diamond will be better than a very-good diamond. In other words, an ideal-cut diamond will be a diamond that has good symmetry. The two grades are not the same. Rather, the differences between very-good and an excellent-cut diamond are important.

Last Words:

GIA and AGS certificate standards are different. The AGS grade for a diamond is called Excellent or Ideal. If the AGS grader grades a diamond Excellent or Very-good, it is a very-good diamond. It is very similar to an excellent diamond, with a little more dark area and a higher sparkle factor. A very-good diamond will cost you less. A very-good diamond will be less expensive than an ideal-cut diamond.

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