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The enhanced online gateway has made applying for a birth certificate quicker and more easy.

A few years ago, the government declared that every Indian citizen had the right to apply for a birth certificate, making the process mandatory. This significant legal shift led to an upsurge in the number of parents and others seeking birth certificates in the years that followed.

According to statistics, the only consistent component of the birth certificate procedure was that a substantial proportion of persons from rural homes did not apply for their birth certificate, whereas urban households saw a significantly lower proportion of people.

What prevents people in rural India from requesting a birth certificate?

There may be several causes for this, but the following are the most important ones:

In rural India, a sizable portion of the population gives birth to their children at home or at one designated house for the community rather than in medical facilities with proper delivery rooms. This procedure is not only risky, unsanitary, and unhygienic, but it also lacks a lot of the medical protocol required to ensure the child’s safety. It is unlikely that the proper paperwork filing will be given priority when the fundamental routine is not followed.

  • The majority of ignorant parents could not understand the value in the birth certificate application process, making it appear like one more thing to complete.
  • The birth certificate process may be too complex for the majority of parents to comprehend, and obtaining one without the help of a third party can be quite difficult.

What advantages come with getting a birth certificate?

Contrary to popular belief, an Indian birth certificate is among the most important documents a person could possess. It is not only necessary for applying for all other government-authorized documents, but it also serves as the person’s principal form of identification. Along with the date and time of the person’s birth, it lists the names of the person’s parents and grandparents. Birth certificate is also important to register for marriage certificate.

The following are some additional benefits:

  • When submitting an application for admission to schools and universities across the nation, the birth certificate is a required piece of documentation.
  • It is also the only document that may be used to prove an individual’s age, which is necessary for applying for all other certifications. When they can apply for specific documents like their driver’s licence and election or voting card, it signifies when they are considered legal adults.
  • When dealing with any other government documentation procedures, such as opening a bank account or buying land, it is necessary.

All people should make it a priority to apply for their children’s birth certificates right away, proving that it is such a vital document and that it would be more difficult for an individual to live without one. The ideal approach to handle this if it wasn’t done at the time of the child’s birth is through the online portal because it is straightforward, quick, and has been enhanced to function more quickly.

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