To win, we need to win only 11 games. Chris and four one two one two are making a fool of themselves. I really hope I’ll be able to show it to you now, but Chris, what do you have all wrapped up? And before you ask, the distance between these two points is five hundred feet. This is, without a doubt, excellent work.

Let’s find out what’s going on, shall we? Let me finish this game first, man, what else do I have to do? This is a bunch of hype, man, a bunch of hype. On May 11, I want to receive my reward, as is only natural. Hang up and let me concentrate. I have to prove myself to Kami and win her over. You know, I’d really like to demonstrate this in kunku.

There has been an unprecedented explosion of content here. We do have the necessary funds. Even though it hasn’t really been shown in kunku yet, believe me when I say that my concerns are growing. Come on. My rival lacks my respect as a person. Oh, my goodness, this is going to be such a huge help. We have to take a deep breath. We are putting on an act of haste, and we are enjoying playing along with his tricks.

We really do need to take a deep breath. Let’s take a deep breath now. We won. Oh, come on, he’s already gone. Believe me when I say that my run of 11 consecutive victories has come to an end, even though I really don’t have a chance to show kunku. There are still four games left to play, but I’ve decided to give up on them because I know I can’t win 14 of them.

BIt is more important to me to protect the mental health of others. I really need to make this day, but I’ve been slacking off and have let it get to 14 already. Therefore, it is preferable to have four people rather than just one. You are an admirable human being.

You should know better than to believe that. Suarez is. Oh, what the heck, man, you are ill. This is an attractive coin. I don’t understand why he wasn’t a major player in the game at all.

What exactly is the problem? I don’t understand. There is a separate player available here as well. I won’t be going to Gomes, that’s for sure. I already have Morientes on loan, so oh, Good guys, I really want to use him, I want to see, but if I really tell him, I also have some money there, oh, he is not tradable, oh, nonsense, non tradable friends, the dream is over, the dream is over, yes, 150 thousand coins or something else, it will be good there, I may do something, but we went, we have Gomez, IThis does not rule out as an option. Yes, I agree that the military should step away from the camera.

Even though it’s not very good, let’s go ahead and try it. To begin, the benefits. Oh, I think that will be exciting. This is the harrowing experience you had to go through. To tell you the truth, doing so is not helpful in this day and age. To be completely honest, I believe that it’s above average. Allow me to maintain my lead.

It’s possible that, despite the fact that we should follow the rating, we should just eat the feed here, or that we should consider Kraskov a superstar. In any case, the following is merely a rating. We can use cresco a little. You are not competing for an exceptional replacement in any way. Despite the fact that it is like this, you have an exceptionally good Dharma.

Yes, we are interested in eating feed.  Yes, we are interested in eating feed. After that, move on to the next pit. Let’s go, and someone give Thomas a shake. Okay, fine, but what we really want to do is eat more. After that, OK, 493, I think towards some, but actually first I want to open my basic package, Chris and I decided to open this 500 point FIFA score very good content, so you can do the same, let’s go, please, please, OK, FIFA 22 Coins but we can still have a right, because you did so, yes, yes, I, I was dragged here, so oh, for God’s sake, my leaving is really bad, oh, my God, you opened that supercomputerIt doesn’t matter that it’s a bit dim; damn 288 well, let’s open these bags, and then we’ll take a look over here. Although it’s possible that we can make another 93 or more, I’m not sure that we get enough exercise.

Good, let’s go, man, let’s go, what do you mean, add another 93 plus, wait, why do you add what you can do in 93 plus, two I think, well, it’s the ultimate combination, let’s go, the other 85 plus, okay, OK, OK, not bad, OK, OK, OK, not bad, OK, OK, OK, well, let’s see if we can do it. Good, let’s go, man, let’s goChris. At the time in question, I was watching salsa, and now I want to lie. Are you interested in this particular playing card? On paper, he appears to be more attractive than him. This is the very first team that we have sent to compete at the 87-level. We are in no doubt about it.

In all honesty, we have more than 93 top player options to choose from. Because this is a top player choice, I say that top player choices are appropriate. There are no transformers in that location. Oh, my God. Imagine for a moment that we come across a Janola during the player draft.

Oh, you need to instruct him on what to do. I could end up saying something along the lines of “Oh my God, wow, this is not granola cereal.”Oh, so that explains why they aren’t included in it. It is very nighttime. Um, this is the first team, and this is the second team. OK, so here we are; the next team we’re going to submit, yes, let’s get the best player draft, shall we?

Oh, the exciting thing is that this is where we get really high. This is where the action is. Is it really the case that we didn’t take him with us? It would be best if we got rid of him. Chris,are you ready, guys? are you ready, guys?  yes, if we see a deformer here tonight, no, I won’t even, we won’t see a deformer. are you ready, guys?  are you ready, guys? My only desire is to observe a deformer.

coins FIFA 22 makes no difference to me if the deformer is shaped like shit. It makes no difference to me if we encounter a deformer. It’s a W. Okay, and after that, we’ll show up. The roar of the variant can be heard.

Oh, my God, there is a deformer in front of us. I refuse to accept it as true. I’m true. In point of fact, Pereira is a very capable player at left back; however, this is irrelevant, as we observed a different version of Chris Hallelujah. We have demonstrated that the player’s choice was not violated, and you are not entitled to any compensation as a result. No compensation. You should go with the port.

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