The most common auto shipping scams- and how to protect yourself

Hiring a car shipping company isn’t an easy thing by any means. There are several things that you as a car owner must keep in your mind if you really want a hassle-free car shipping process. Also, you must know that there are several car shipping scams operating in the market that you must stay wary of and ensure that you stay away from.

How Do Scammers Operate?

So, how do these car shipping scammers operate? Firstly, you must know that these scammers don’t operate in any specific location or country. They are present all over the world. Firstly, they keep an eye on authorized and huge car shipping websites. They take the data of users from these websites, create their own fake websites, and use this data to reach the users.

Scammers offer car owners lucrative deals and then tempt them to take their services. Once you close the deal, the scam operation comes into the picture.

Different Types of Car Shipping Scams

  1. Fake Buyer Scam: This is one of the most common auto shipping scams operating in the market. The scammers will reach out to the car owners, and offer a lucrative deal. Once you agree with the same, they will ask you to send a cheque to a specific address. They will then withdraw the money and due to the untraceable payment receipt they have used, they will be able to do so.

Within a few days, your bank would contact you to inform you that your cheque is rejected. However, your bank account would reflect the transaction. This implies that you didn’t get any car shipping services, but you paid for them.

  1. Fake Price Quotes Scam: With this scam, you will be offered low price quotes at the initial level, but once they visit you to ship your car, they will increase the price.
  2. Relocation Scam: Usually people who are looking for car shipping services as they are relocating become a victim of this scam. Scammers reach out to you, talk politely, offer amazing deals, and make you fall into the trap. Once the deal is closed, and once they start shipping your car, they increase the price of their services. The contract mentions that if you refuse to pay this amount, the company won’t release your car. Hence, you are simply not left with any other way.

Top Red Flags of Car Shipping Scam

We highly recommend that you check the website of the car shipping company first before you proceed with that company. If the company doesn’t have a professional website, positive reviews, or any testimonials, you better look for better options. Also, don’t fall into the trap of lucrative deals. Compare price quotes of various companies and avoid going with one that has a major difference in comparison.

How Do You Avoid a Car Shipping Scam?

  1. Do Your Research: A majority of car owners become a victim of these scams because of a lack of research. It’s necessary to do efficient research before closing the deal. The more efficient your research is, the more the auto transport scams will stay away from you. Be it price quotes, the company reputation, portfolio, or anything, make sure to do adequate research.
  2. Stay Right with Advance Payments: Yes, a car shipping company will ask for some advance payment, but stay away from the company which demands the entire payment in advance. Pay the entire amount only after you get car shipping services, and you are satisfied with the services.
  3. Use the Right Payment Methods: Scammers usually ask you to pay with a wire transfer, which is non-traceable. Make sure to stay away from these payment methods, and use methods that are traceable and legit. Try to use the methods like bank transfers, credit cards, etc.

What Should the Victim of Auto Transport Scams Do?

So, what must the victims of these car shipping scams do? Firstly, stay calm. There’s always a way out. Now, report your complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. They will provide you with certain reliable tips by which you can actually get your money back.

You can also get an idea of common scams and the ways to avoid them on their website. It would help you out considerably to stay away from these auto transport scams.

Lastly, you can report your complaint to Better Business Bureau. The BBB will resolve your dispute and may award financial compensation, which would reduce your financial loss to some extent.

Auto transport scams aren’t uncommon by any means. However, some research and some alertness can keep you away from them. Hence, make sure to do your research well, interact well, and ask various questions to choose the right car shipping company. 

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