The Real Reason Top Agents Use Realtor Postcards to Market Themselves

Prospecting for leads, especially for professionals that are just starting out in the industry, can be quite time-consuming and a bit frustrating. This is the case irrespective of the diversity of today’s lead generation channels, such as through online ads and social media. 

Despite the many new channels, one old marketing tool has survived the technological shifts in marketing; realtor postcards.

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Top realtors have maintained this marketing tool over the years. Let’s see more about this column which takes a detailed look at why the realtor postcard is a tried and accurate asset in the real estate marketing world. 

1. Gives You a Solid Mailing List

The majority of home buyers and sellers will at some point work with a realtor. Therefore, it’s never a question of whether your prospective customers require your services; it’s a matter of getting remembered when the time comes. 

Having a quality mailing list ensures your name is always in the hands of your prospects. 

Direct Mail Vendors have managed mailing lists for years. As much as building an email list is slowly improving, they can never match the accuracy of having a dependable home address. 

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, having a knowledgeable and experienced realtor can make all the difference. A realtor Chapel Hill can provide you with the local market expertise and personalized service you need to navigate the real estate process with ease. Their commitment to their clients and their deep understanding of the Chapel Hill area make them an invaluable resource for any real estate transaction.

2. Are More Likely to Be Seen Unlike Emails

How many emails do you receive in a day? Probably a lot that you will never open.  On the other hand, most people will regularly receive a handful of direct mail material that they will most certainly peruse through if not fully open. 

Most recipients lack the time and desire to go through every email they receive. Email providers have also developed filters that send the sail messages directly to the spam. Top successful realtors are aware of this simple yet often overlooked reality and prefer to use realtor postcards as a way of reaching their potential clients.

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3. A Realtor Postcard Personalizes Communication

Nurturing relationships lies at the heart of the real estate world. Unless you intend to do a door-to-door marketing strategy, which may not be sustainable in the long run, direct mail postcards are the easiest way to slip your name into your prospects’ homes.

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While at it, successful realtors have mastered the art of personalizing their communication. Always use the name of your prospect in the salutation. 

Target your message to their individual needs to show that you understand and provide a solution. Personalizing creates relevancy of your postcards which is no longer just appreciated but is now an expectation

4. It’s Targeted and Timely

Successful realtors are aware that digital and online marketing spaces are crowded. This makes it difficult to have your brand stand out from the masses  hence why you’ll find them relying on direct mail since they can target their prospects rather than tailor their messages to the selected groups. 

Use a combination of today’s targeting capabilities through mailing lists, high-speed digital printing, and the available mail turnaround. You’ll find yourself mailing to the perfect prospective clients and the right time, making your marketing tool relevant to the audience.

Consider Using Direct Mail Marketing 

It’s easy for realtors, like many other professionals, to get lost in the online trends in marketing. However, it’s great that you have sat back to reflect on why the top successful realtors have held on to this traditional marketing tool. 

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As you review metrics for your clicks, views, and engagement online, use direct mail marketing to curate a personal relationship with your prospects and clients.

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