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The Smarter Home: Your Guide to Pool Automation

How many things in your life do you control with your smartphone? Your garage door? Your security cameras? Why not add your pool to that list?

On average, the price to have weekly pool maintenance by a professional is $125. If you do it yourself, on the other hand, you have to devote the time to check the pool chemicals each day. How are the pH and the chlorine levels? Is there a danger of algae build-up? Do you need to add more of this or that?

General home maintenance takes the joy out of homeownership. Keep reading to learn some fantastic ways pool automation as one of your home maintenance services makes your life easier.

What is Pool Automation?

Pool automation often refers to the automation of water treatment: pH and chlorine but this technology can go much further. You can use pool automation to control pool equipment and accessories from a control panel, your smartphone, or tablet.

What Can I Control With Pool Automation?

You can control almost everything associated with a swimming pool with automation…the pool pump, filter, heater, and fun things like lighting and speakers. It can monitor your water and automatically add chemicals to keep the water balanced.

Having a pool party? Set the programming on “party” to create a light show with music.

Going on vacation? Set it to “away” mode so that everything runs smoothly while you’re gone.

Do you like the water at one specific temperature? Program it to heat up or turn the heater off to cool down.

Benefits to Pool Automation

The convenience speaks for itself, but let’s look at some other pros to pool automation.

1. Makes Pool Ownership Easier

Besides being able to put everything on a program, you also have the added benefit of being able to control all of your pool equipment from a single control panel or your phone while you’re away from home.

2. Money Saver

Automation helps everything run more efficiently. When the equipment only runs at certain times you end up saving money on energy costs and wear and tear on the pool equipment.

3. Easy to Upgrade and Use

You can start with the basics like one that controls your filter and pump and add on later for other pool accessories.

It’s easy to use especially because most homeowners have some experience with smart products and are pretty tech-savvy.

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Pool Automation: A Practical Approach to Pool Maintenance

You have a smartphone, a smart TV, automated security, etc. Why not a smart pool? Leave your pool to pool automation. Get the system that’s right for your type of pool and your lifestyle.

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