The Top Features to Look for in Travel Management Software

The world of business travel has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the rise of globalization and the increasing importance of travel in the business world, companies have been forced to look for better ways to manage their travel programs. One of the most significant developments in this area has been the emergence of travel management software. These programs allow companies to streamline their travel programs, reduce costs, and improve traveler experiences. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right travel management software for your company? In this article, we’ll explore the top features to look for in travel management software.

Online Booking Tools

One of the most critical features of travel management software is online booking tools. These tools allow travelers to book their travel arrangements, such as flights, hotels, and rental cars, through a single platform. This streamlines the booking process, reduces errors, and saves time. Look for a travel management software that offers a user-friendly interface, customizable booking options, and integrations with travel suppliers.

Travel Policy Compliance

Another essential feature of travel management software is the ability to enforce travel policies. By setting up travel policies, companies can control travel costs, ensure traveler safety, and maintain compliance with regulations. The software should be able to provide alerts when travel arrangements don’t comply with the company’s policy and restrict bookings that don’t meet the criteria.

Expense Management

Managing expenses is a critical part of any travel program. Travel management software should offer expense management tools that allow travelers to track their expenses and submit them for reimbursement. The software should also integrate with the company’s accounting software to streamline the reimbursement process. Look for a program that offers easy-to-use expense tracking features, customizable expense categories, and the ability to track expenses in real-time.

Reporting and Analytics

Another key feature of travel management software is reporting and analytics. The software should be able to generate reports on travel spending, travel policy compliance, and traveler behavior. This information can help companies identify areas where they can save money, improve traveler experiences, and ensure compliance. Look for a program that offers customizable reporting options and real-time analytics.

Mobile Apps

In today’s world, travelers are always on the go. Travel management software should offer mobile apps that allow travelers to manage their travel from their mobile devices. The TripActions and TravelBank mobile apps, for example, provide real-time updates and allow travelers to make changes to their itinerary. TravelBank’s mobile app allows travelers to book travel arrangements, track expenses, and receive real-time updates. These programs are available for free download, just visit the website.

Customer Support

Finally, customer support is a crucial feature of travel management software. The software should offer 24/7 customer support to assist travelers in case of emergency or unexpected changes. Look for a program that offers multiple channels of support, such as phone, email, and live chat, and a dedicated support team.

In conclusion, travel management software can help companies streamline their travel programs, reduce costs, and improve traveler experiences. When choosing a program, look for features such as online booking tools, travel policy compliance, expense management, reporting and analytics, mobile apps, and customer support. By selecting the right travel management software, companies can ensure their travel programs are efficient, cost-effective, and compliant.

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