The Ultimate Guide To Clothes Shopping For Big and Tall Men

Shopping for a big and tall man can be frustrating because most designers will make clothes for either tall or big people, and not a combination of both. For example, a shirt can perfectly fit the shoulders but is too short on the sleeves. Other clothes are the right length but have a tight squeeze.

You may not be able to afford expensive tailoring, so you just have to work with what is available off the rack. But, it would help if you knew a few fashion tricks up your sleeve to maintain a clean and sharp look.

Here you will find top pointers for finding the best clothes and accessories for big and tall men.

Fashion Tips For Big and Tall Men

1. Never Forget Big and Tall belts

A good belt will upgrade your look from basic to extraordinary and help outline your waistline. Belts are some of the easiest and affordable accessories to buy to complete your outfit. Also, as a big and tall person, you can find big and tall belts that fit perfectly and are adjustable.

The right belt helps keep your clothes in place, especially when the clothes are a little loose. Once you get the right belt, you are one step towards getting the perfect outfit for your body.

2. Avoid Vertical Lines

Patterns in clothes create illusions that make you look a certain way. Try to keep off patterns that do not complement your body. Vertical lines exaggerate body size, making you look humongous and ridiculous. Instead, wear checked or plain pattern clothes to complement your big and tall body build.

3.   Invest in accessories

Accessories attract attention and shift the attention to less conspicuous parts of your body. They also complete an outfit and give it that extra boost. Invest in a good watch, a good tie, big and tall belts, and even a pocket square to spice up your look.

You can have the accessories in different colors to match different outfits. However, ensure you pick neutral colors like brown and black for belts, which you can wear with multiple outfits in your closet. Click here for a wide range of big and tall belts for men.

4. Know your measurements

One of the essential things to getting the right clothes for your body is to get the correct measurements. You should know all the body measurements that matter. That is your trouser length, waist, arm length, and torso.

Having these measurements at your fingertips will help you automatically pick out an item that fits perfectly. Also, if you want custom-made clothes, you can share your measurements or confirm that the tailor has the correct ones.


As much as shopping for big and tall men is quite the headache, you can also find pretty good pieces with a little patience, fashion knowledge and by knowing honest product reviews. Start with big and tall belts and proceed to other small items like ties and watches to help every outfit you buy look great. Remember to pick the right patterns and know your measurements by heart to make this otherwise hard task manageable.

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