The Ultimate Guide to Perform Netgear N300 Setup

Are you fed up of sitting in one room to access the internet? Don’t you want to roam around your house with your device without losing the internet connection? If the answer to both these questions is a big yes, then it’s high time that you perform Netgear N300 setup.

Setting up a Netgear N300 WiFi router will amplify the signals coming from your modem and provide you whole-home coverage. And once that happens, you won’t have to worry about sitting in one place to access the internet.

In this article, we’ve mentioned 3 different methods using which you can easily configure the N300 extender. So, wait no more. Scroll down, and read on.

How to Perform Netgear N300 Setup?

  1. Netgear N300 Setup Via WPS Method

Known as WiFi-Protected Setup, the WPS method is one of the most used methods to perform Netgear extender setup. You should give it a try too.

Go through the following steps to configure your Netgear N300 extender via the WPS method:

  • Firstly, start by placing your N300 extender in the same room as that of the router.

  • Then, create a connection between your WiFi devices using a cable.

  • Plug your N300 extender into a wall socket and power it on.

  • Locate the WPS button located on your WiFi range extender.

  • Once found, carefully press it for approximately 30 seconds.

  • As soon as you release the button, change the location of your N300 WiFi extender.

In this manner, you’ll be able to install the Netgear N300 extender using the WPS method.

  1. Netgear N300 Setup Via Manual Method

This method requires you to access the Netgear Genie setup wizard. Follow the instructions mentioned below to configure your N300 extender via the Manual method:

  • Turn on your Netgear N300 extender and connect to Netgear_ext.

  • Switch on your PC and open up an internet browser on it.

  • Type in the address bar of your internet browser and press Enter.

  • Fill in the default login details on the Netgear extender login page.

  • Once the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard appears, follow the on-screen prompts.

Make sure that you follow the aforementioned instructions in the same order as they are written. Otherwise, technical issues can start bugging you at any time.

  1. Netgear N300 Setup Using the Nighthawk App

The above-mentioned methods talked about how to set up an extender on your computer. This one will guide you on how to configure your N300 extender on your smartphone using the Netgear Nighthawk app.

Here are the guidelines you need to follow to set up your Netgear N300 WiFi extender using the Nighthawk application:

  • Switch on your smartphone and download to the Netgear Nighthawk app.

  • Using an iOS device? Navigate to the Apple App Store to download the app.

  • Using an Android device? Open the Google Play Store to do the same.

  • It is advised that you do not perform any background activities while the Netgear Nighthawk app is getting installed.

  • Once the app gets installed, create a Netgear account.

  • Log into your device using the default N300 login credentials.

  • Tap the Log In button to get redirected to the BASIC Home screen.

  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions displayed on the dashboard.

If you follow these instructions carefully, you’ll surely be able to perform Netgear N300 setup without facing any technical issues.

The Bottom Line

This was all about how to perform Netgear N300 setup using three different methods. Once you are done setting up your extender, feel free to access a blazing-fast and seamless internet connection from any damn corner of your house.

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