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The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Sun Lounge

Summer is definitely one of our favourite seasons because with all the other great things summer brings, it means greater use of some of our favourite outdoor furniture, such as sun lounges. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get much better than relaxing by the pool in your favourite sun lounge with a cocktail in hand while soaking in the warm sun. Don’t be fooled though, you don’t need to own a pool to be able to enjoy the benefits of sun lounges.


Sun lounges are an absolute must for any outdoor setting including backyards, pool sides, patios and balconies. These lounges offer the perfect balance between luxury and comfort. The best part, some would argue, is the versatility they offer. No matter what your style is, we bet Cosh living definitely has what you’re looking for. However, we know that sometimes with so many options available, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what the perfect addition to your outdoor living area will be. This is why we’ve carefully created this blog to ease your mind and make the process of buying a sun lounge a whole lot smoother for you.


In this blog, we’ll take you through the ultimate guide to purchasing the perfect sun lounge.


The Guide to Materials 


Similar to various other pieces of furniture, the type of material you decide on for your sun lounge will influence the price of it. The price of the material varies based on the quality and durability of it. It’s important to find the right style, colour, and material to match your outdoor terrace or pool area. Cosh Living offers a wide selection of sun lounges constructed from high quality materials such as synthetic weave, teak, powder-coated aluminum and Batyline sling seating.


Teak Sun Lounges 


Teak is one of the best materials you could go with for outdoor furniture. It offers countless benefits including, water resistance, pest resistance and rot resistance. It’s also famously classy and luxurious while still being affordable.


Aluminium Sun Lounges 


If you are someone who’s constantly rearranging their outdoor furniture and mixing up their style, this option is perfect for you. Aluminium sun lounges are light-weight, making it suitable for you to move your sun lounge around with ease. Cosh Living offers powder coated aluminium as it’s highly variable in design and the amount of cushioning it offers, providing the comfort you desire and deserve. Moreover, it carries a certain radiance that captures the eye, so your poolside area will definitely stand out!


Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is one of the most durable material options for outdoor furniture there is! It’s functional, strong, and modern, combining appearance and functionality with ease. Below, we’ll introduce you to one of our favourite sun lounges, we think you’ll love it! And if nothing else, inspire you.


The Contour Meridienne, is designed by the famous Piergiorgio Cazzangia, who makes complex designs appear effortless. The Contour Meridienne is characterised by a tube in powder-coated stainless steel that follows the outline of the daybed in one continuous line. The open weave of the backrest appears to float unsuspended around the seat and gives extra support to the back. The seat is upholstered locally with a water-repellent cushion which can be easily removed for cleaning.


Our Hot Tips

If your outdoor sun lounge is likely to be moved around often, we recommend a design with discreet inbuilt wheels to avoid marking your tiles or decking. For the ultimate poolside relaxation, we offer many sun lounges with adjustable backrests to suit your mood and locally made comfortable outdoor cushions in a fabric of your choice.


We stock a diverse range of weather-resistant fabrics from Sunbrella, so you can select a colour and texture to suit your personal taste and give your outdoor setting a custom made feel.


Get Shopping


Comfortable sunbeds will help maximise the amount of time you spend outdoors. Cosh Living has sophisticated sun lounges designed for luxurious lounging, as well as classic classic and modern sun lounges that will double as beautiful poolside sculpture. Explore our range below from leading designer outdoor furniture brands Tribu, Manutti and Gloster to find the best design for you.


To test the comfort and speak to one of our design consultants, please visit your nearest Cosh Living showroom in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. We have an experienced garden furniture team who can help guide you in the right direction.

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