The Wonderful Variety of Tea and its Nostalgic Packaging

For centuries, drinking tea daily has been a custom around the world. It’s a relaxing beverage that provides health benefits, but that is only part of why millions look forward to a daily cup of tea. Traditions, rituals, and unique kitchen items have been developed around preparation, serving, and enjoying the ancient drink. Today, specialty merchants offer a wide range of tea flavors available in various forms and packaging. Retro tea bins and boxes are often used as colorful containers.  

Suppliers Offer a Range of Products

Customers once visited specialty shops or bazaars to find various kinds of teas, and some of these sellers still exist in parts of the world. Shopping with these experts offers a distinctive experience that immerses buyers in the tea world’s scents, colors, and details.

While it can be difficult for today’s buyers to find those types of unique sellers, they can enjoy a wonderful experience by shopping for tea online at a specialty merchant’s site. 

Sellers offer teaware that is ideal for serving and offer gift sets. They provide tea in unique bins and boxes sold singly or in groups. Buyers will find sampler sets with several flavors and bundles that make stocking up on favorite brands easy.

There’s a Tea for Every Taste

Many tea lovers have favorite types for various occasions, but newcomers can be confused about tea varieties and their differences. Fortunately, long-time sellers provide information about each product on their websites and even include preparation instructions. 

Various brands or flavors may be sold as tea bags or in loose-leaf form. Common varieties include: 

  • White teas. The tea leaves are harvested and dried outdoors in sunlight. White teas come from the Fujian province of China and have a delicate flavor.
  • Green teas. Green tea leaves go through a multi-step production process. Leaves are harvested and withered to reduce moisture. They are then steamed or pan-fired at high temperatures, which dries them. There are several types of green tea.
  • Black teas. Black tea leaves go through withering, rolling, oxidation, and drying. They have a dark brown or red-amber color in liquid form. 
  • Herbal teas. Typically caffeine-free, herbal teas are made from flower stems, buds, or roots from various plants. 

Nostalgic Packaging is Part of the Appeal 

The Chinese introduced tea to England in the 17th century, and the beverage quickly became a trendy part of daily rituals. Tea was highly valued because of its excellent taste and health benefits. For instance, Forbes says chamomile tea is used to help calm the nerves and induce sleep. 

Tea was initially sold in leaf form and stored in beautifully decorated caddies—some with locks—to keep it fresh. Although many of the original wood, metal, and even earthenware caddies still exist, tea has long been stored in less elaborate vessels. You can visit Pinterest to view images of historic containers.

However, even contemporary packaging often includes artwork, and some teas are sold in replicas of original tins. For example, online shoppers can find an entire London-themed collection that consists of a police telephone box, bus caddy, and nostalgic Britain caddy.  

Tea is one of the world’s most beloved beverages due to its exquisite flavors and medicinal properties. Online sellers offer dozens of varieties and a range of packaging options. Merchants also sell matcha set that can be used to prepare and enjoy tea to the fullest.

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