Things A Candidate Should Consider While Taking The Creative Staffing Agencies Services

Creative staffing agencies, which help recruit creative professionals for freelancing gigs, temporary, permanent, or project-based assignments, have increased their popularity for both client and creative workforce.

Potential creative candidates can take advantage of establishing connections with creative staffing agencies. They can do so by making a clearer and direct pathway into job openings and on projects that may not have been posted on the general public plate forms. In the same way, the clients can get benefits by approaching a creative agency with extensively qualified candidates per-screened for creative posts.

A candidate has to use these steps to attain the possible advantage of creative staffing agency services.

  1. Create CV And Portfolio:

A resume can give information about the basic job skills, expertise, and experience a candidate has possessed. Sometimes examining a resume is not enough. To evaluate a candidate’s fit for a certain creative job position, the recruiter and hiring manager must assess a sample of actual skill performed.

Maintaining a work portfolio that mainly includes his best skill ensures that why he feels that a certain quality is his best skill? Is it the most effective and efficient? If it has given him an award or certain recognition, if it has blogged, and he gets a large number of views, or it kicked to start an interesting conversation, a candidate should ensure that this information has been included in the portfolio or not.

  1. Getting ready for an evaluation process/interview:

As many freelancing gigs and contract positions can be finished remotely, the candidate’s skills meet the creative agency needs? Sometimes the recruiter expects to perform a pre-screening interview. A pre-screen is to support the information that has been mentioned on the CV.

Nonetheless, the main objective of a pre-screen interview is to attain detailed know-how about the applicant’s personality, which can be vital to establish a working relationship. Suppose the office location is outside your geographic region and not easily assessable, then in such a situation. In that case, a video call can serve the same purpose for the basic pre-screen requirements.

  1. Research market trends for acceptable compensation

A candidate should know the value of his work for the client organization. A candidate should do complete research about the regular compensation plans prevailing in the market for the job he is looking for. He should take online help, discuss with peers, and use the experience to develop a range of compensation that he would accept for his type of job. Few creative jobs pay a flat fee for finishing the work. Others may pay by the hour and so.

A recruiter may also tell a candidate about the expected reasonable compensation plan according to the type of work available in his area. He should discuss his salary concerns with the recruiter in a job interview. Unless he is volunteering, salaries and other related arrangements are the main reason he is looking for the work in the first place after all.

  1. Strengthen the network:

The people a candidate will connect, either in staffing agencies or clients, can be a valuable resource in seeking the job; for example, staffing agency’s personnel can contact him directly with new jobs. Even with the short-term association, co-workers can be vital in providing referrals in finding future jobs.

Recruiters want candidates to be professionally qualified, responsible towards the duties, diligent, productive, and trustworthy. All these qualities make a candidate look worthy, and the recruiter and employer will appreciate him too.

  1. Appreciate the details

While considering a new assignment, whether short-term or long-term, a candidate must understand the details and discuss the preferred points with the staffing agency. For example, suppose a candidate is looking forward to a permanent position, and the recruiter is interested in offering him the temporary one. In that case, both parties should realize the concerns and discuss them wisely to resolve them.


In recent economic conditions, the presence of a growing trend in the freelance gig and the talent constraints prevailing in the job market are the few factors that increase the need for creative staffing agencies. Creative professionals finding jobs can benefit from developing connections with creative staffing agencies to seek the contractual, project-based, or permanent job that should be the right fit for both candidate and client organization.


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