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If someone first started playing casinos in casinos and arcades that opened from the street, it might be strange that in online casinos players are offered frequent large amounts of bonuses.

They can also legitimately ask why, if they receive so many bonuses in online casinos, there is no such bonus allocation in normal casinos. I have to leave this a very good question that I’ve been thinking about a lot.

If you are curious about the bonuses that are available at different companies, you can find them on the casino bonuses page.

Here are the reasons Puncak88:

A normal street games room has a lot more fixed costs than, for example, employees, room rental, lighting, heating, and more. In contrast, a virtual online casino works much more cost-effectively and therefore you have more money to reward players

Street casinos have about 50-50% of new and regular guests, so focusing on regulars is not a role for them as it is for online casinos, where the rate is 80-20%. The company must retain as many players as possible in the long run, as the cost of acquiring a player can exceed HUF 60,000.

Withdrawal of bonuses from the account in online casinos is subject to wagering requirements. Here, the player usually has to rotate the bonus amount 30-40 times before they can take it out of their account. This is because many bonus hunting players specialize in selling bonuses without real game intent. This is what casinos have designed the wagering requirements for so that bonuses can only be given to those who are entitled to it.

The wagering requirement for street casinos could not be controlled- so there could be a high number of abuses with bonuses issued. In addition, it would be difficult to track player performance, which is much easier to solve in online casinos, where all your digital data is stored.

In street casinos, instead of bonuses, it is mostly the free drink and food that attracts players. Everyone likes to eat a good meal, drink for free, of course, most players leave several times the value of the food drink in these places. On the other hand, it is better to play here than in a place where nothing is given to the player.

In online casinos, players are much less often asked to make a payout, so the virtual bonus, virtual play money, is usually returned to the company’s box. In contrast, in true casinos, after each game is finished, winning players can request a payout and pocket bonuses without proper rotation, causing losses to casinos.

Last and perhaps the most important reason is the power of habit. It has never been customary to hand out bonuses to real casinos, so no one expects them to do so. In contrast, bonus distribution has been a habit in online casinos from the outset, so everyone there expects to be pampered with bonuses.

So much briefly and succinctly about the world of bonuses.

These are the most attractive casino bonuses:

There are currently approximately 15 online casinos in the Indonesian language, Puncak88 casino bonus competition has been launched between the companies to attract as many players as possible.

For this reason, most players have accounts at a minimum of 2-3 casinos and play regularly depending on where they find a winning streak and attractive bonuses.

However, this is only true of 80% of players, as the remaining 20% were mainly older and larger players stayed at the company where they first started playing. These players are more loyal and therefore appreciated with far more bonuses than intermittent players.

Don’t let anyone think all players will get the same bonus offer. Players are categorized into companies depending on how much they play and the more bonus offers they receive, the more time they spend playing.

The most important casino bonuses

The first important bonus when a player chooses a casino is the account opening welcome bonus, which is between 30,000 HUF and EUR 500 in most casinos. However, this is only the beginning of how many bonuses a player can receive all the time.

Regular weekly re-top-up bonuses are important because here the player can get an extra 20-50% bonus every week after making new deposits. With this, the player can have fun for much longer, and the chances of catching a winning streak increase.

The majority of players require regular daily promotions where they can participate in smaller tournaments or earn extra bonuses after having fun at a particular game. Many players take the opportunity to take part in all bonus promotions.

Loyalty bonuses are distributed either weekly or monthly by companies, which may depend on the player’s performance in the previous week and month. This can range from £500 to €500.

However, the most important is the bonus allocation of VIP players, who account for approximately 80% of the turnover of the companies. These players usually have a personal contact at every online casino, who rewards them with a bonus of several hundred euros on a serious weekly basis for their regular games and loyalty.

In summary, the above-mentioned is easier to get than to keep a player. A high attractive account opening bonus is just the first step to getting a player on Puncak88.

More importantly, the player receives regular refills and heat bonuses on a daily, weekly basis. If a casino does not pay attention to the players’ constant bonus handing out and entertainment, the player may leave and continue playing elsewhere.

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Getting the average player from ads can cost 60-80 thousand forints. If you’re curious about which online casino you can get the most bonuses from, you can find out more in the casino bonuses section.

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