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Things to Consider Before Getting a Carpet for Your Lounge

Your lounge serves as a social hub for you and your family members. Everyone sits together and indulges in a good time, having a laugh and discussing each other’s days, in the living room. Thus, while designing this specific area of your house, you need to be very thoughtful. What outlook do you want it to have? What finishes you’ll add to it? How will you accessories it? All of these queries add up to the final outlook of your living area or lounge.

As it is the central hub of the house, it is important to consider its floor. It must be comforting, cozy and warm. Along with that, it must have factors like ease of maintenance, durability and good variety. A flooring option without diversification, cannot be a great deal. Thus, carpets always remain a prime choice for many. It is not only soft and comfortable but it gives an extremely luxurious touch to any space. This is why it remains a good option for bedrooms, living rooms and even for work spaces within your room and your kid’s play areas too. Before you hire professional Carpet Fitters Chorley services, you need to make sure that you are buying the right carpet.

But how to choose the right one? Well, let’s have a look at it.

Tips to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Lounge:

There are some things that one needs to focus on whilst buying the best carpet for their living rooms. Carpets are a handful of investments. The good ones won’t come cheap and if you buy cheap carpets they won’t last long enough. Thus, you need to make sure that you are making the right choice in this matter. And you must choose the right team of carpet fitters Chorley too, to ensure that the carpet is installed in your lounge professionally.


As living rooms can meet guests too and your kids roam around in it a lot, your flooring should be durable. This means it should last long and handle the wear and tear. The best way to have a quick quality check for carpets while you’re on the shopping spree for them is to bend them backwards. If the carpet’s backing shows easily, it is low in quality.

A durable carpet can be judged by its tuft twist and density rating along with face weight. A face weight of around 34 or maybe 40 ounces is a good choice to make. And likewise a tuft twist of five or above then 5, is required to make the carpet durable.

Fiber Variations:

Secondly you need to focus on the fiber variety and options too. The fiber of the carpet plays a huge role in completing the look of your living room and it also defines the durability of the carpet. There are various options that one can get in carpet fibers.

Nylon is one of the most resilient options. It is the strongest yet the softest option to pick. However, choose a 6.6 nylon to get the best one.

There are polyester carpets too. This fiber resists stains and gives a cushiony feel under the feet too. However, it is hard to maintain as cleaning it is not an easy job. It is definitely going to feel good under the feet but wouldn’t make a good choice if your living room is used a lot.

Thirdly, olefin is a Cheap Carpets Chorley fiber option. But, it is not long lasting nor durable. However, it does resist stains and is certainly a good option for high traffic living rooms.

Thus, choosing the right fiber is very crucial.

Ease of Maintenance:

Another factor to consider is its maintenance. Carpets are hard to maintain which is why people tend to keep a limited number of these in their houses. However there are many carpets that are easy to clean as well. And you can always pick that one.


With the right team of carpet fitters Chorley services, you can get a high quality, luxurious carpet installed in your living room. But you must choose a carpet that adds the right vibe to your lounge. With the help of these top 3 tips, you can invest in a carpet that looks unique and adds spark to your space too.

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