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Things to do before you die

Things to do before you die

Life is short and unpredictable. That’s what people say. But I believe that if it is lived fully, it is more than enough. But what is this concept of living life fully? No one has understood this so far. I am not going into the depth of the philosophy of life. But instead, I will be telling you what as a common man you can do to live your life to the fullest and make each and every day a celebration. 

In this fast-racing world, people are running behind achieving more materialistic things. They have completely forgotten to live. They are more concerned about money and success. 

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Life is the most beautiful gift we have got, and we should not let it go as such. Enjoying each and every moment to the fullest and doing what you love to do is the basic way to make life worth living. We live it once, and if it is lived properly, it is enough. 

Living a life means being in the moment, enjoying even the smallest moment, not letting materialism cover you, doing what you love and exploring each and every day. You can take breaks and enjoy festivals and events that we humans have created like Rakshabandhan. You can buy rakhi online and send it to your siblings. We all make bucket lists and wish lists but are unable to fulfil them. Have you ever wondered why? I will tell you. 

We humans love to procrastinate and wait for that one day to come, situations to become favorable and many more unnecessary excuses. We keep on waiting to do all those things that we have listed in our bucket lists. But unfortunately, that one day never comes for many. Only some are fortunate enough to get that one day in their lives. 

After all, it is our life and unfortunately we don’t live it fully. Why do we do this to ourselves? I know what you will answer. We have responsibilities and duties to fulfill. I know that, and I am not telling you to run away from them. But as I have said, earlier life is unpredictable, and you never know what it will throw at you. So for these unpredictable events we can’t let our life get wasted. Still, with all these responsibilities and duties, you can live life fully. 

There are certain things that one should try before they die. If you search on Google for things to do before you die, you will find a number of articles and lists in front of you. But here I have curated a list of things that you can do before you die, and trust me, they are practical and feasible. I will not tell you something that will cross your head. 

You can definitely give them a shot once and believe me, you will find that life to be much more fun and interesting. 

Learn a new foreign language-

It’s not boring at all as it sounds. Learning a new language gives you a greater perspective to explore more. You can dive into a new culture and try your hands at living differently. You can learn any language, but make sure you use it.

Plant a tree- 

Planting can be really fun. Watching a new life growing gives immense pleasure. 

Learn an instrument- 

Music is therapeutic. Learning a new instrument will calm your mind and soul as well.

Go trekking- 

Mountains are the best place to be. One can never get enough of mountains. Trekking is very adventurous, and it gives you the real thrill, and you might get to realise more about life there. 


I am not telling you to travel around the world. It’s as unrealistic as said. I am telling you to travel wherever you want. You can try visiting beaches, mountains, plateaus at least once in your lifetime. It’s not that difficult. 

Try new sports- 

When was the last time you tried sport? I think you should keep on trying new sports. That will keep you rejuvenated.

Go on a road trip- 

Road trips are more fun and exciting than traveling via air or train. They give you a chance to take a pause and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the place. 

Sleep under stars- 

If you want to experience the best of nature, then you should try sleeping under the stars. It is very rewarding. 

Help someone- 

Helping is the best way to feel ecstatic. It can be a very rewarding and very fulfilling act. 

Follow your dream- 

Dreams are the source of motivation, and they keep our life moving. If you are the one who has a dream, make sure to follow it. It will give your life a meaning. You can try gifting. There are online gift delivery services available.

Apart from all these things, try exploring more in life. Don’t just stick to your normal routine life, instead go and try things that you love to do and explore new things. Life is beyond these 9 to 5 jobs and household chores. Live like a child who discovers something new every day. Make everyday crazy and memorable.

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