Things to do in Sonora TX

Sonora is a small historic town on the border between the Texas Hill Country and the Western part of the Lone Star State. It connects the best of both worlds with rolling hills, some limestone features, plenty f oak and junipers on the landscape and great attractions in and around the town. So whether you like local Broncos football or want to explore the history of the place, you won’t be disappointed if you stop in Sonora on the way to the Big Bend Region.

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What to do in Sonora

The most famous attraction in the area isthe globally recognized Caverns of Sonora. The best way to explore the depths of the Caverns is with a guided tour, and the most popular one is the Crystal Palace tour that takes you on a two-mile journey through stunning cave passages. Enjoy warm and humid air and incredible cave formations. You can also book a Photography tour if you’re into Instagram or just a photo enthusiast. Finally, a four-hour Discovery Challenge Tour goes 50 feet into Devil’s Pitt for the most advanced adventurers.

For claustrophobic visitors, Texas always has a great outdoor. You can go to the Eaton Hill Nature Center & Preserve, where you can find 37- acre park and numerous hiking trails. Dense forest, rocky hills on the edge of Texas Hill Country and a historic educational home with interpretive exhibits will teach you about local flora and fauna.

For more leisure days, you can visit Sonora golf Club, which features a scenic nine-hole course with some sand and water hazards. The club has an excellent clubhouse, where you can enjoy a drink after a round of golf.

Downtown Sonora

Strolling through the historic Main Street will take you back in the Wild West time. Most storefronts are restored, and local restaurants and bars have a vintage appeal. However, the best window into the area’s storied past is visiting Sutton County Courthouse, builtin 1891. The building found roots in French-inspired Second Empire Style, and locals used limestone and made sloped roofs with numerous details. Other historic buildings include the 1888 Miers Home Museum and 1930 John and Mildred Cauthorn Depot.

You can get a great view of Wild West history with a visit to the Old Sonora Ice House Ranch Museum. Housed in a historic 1920’s ice house, the museum has numerous items, memorabilia and a great insight into ilostrious history of the area. For example, you can learn more about will Carver and the Wild Bunch gang. In 1901, William Carver died after the shootout in the town, and he was one of the Butch Cassidy gang members.

Restaurants in Sonora Texas

Visiting Texas would be weird without visiting a great BBQ restaurant. Pit Stop BBQ offer brisket, pulled pork, sausages, nachos, and a couple of Pit Stop original plates. It’s somewhat simple food, but with huge portions and high quality.

Sutton County Steak House is bellowed in the comments on social media. The menu is diverse, with Family-style steak offered as crowns, burgers, nachos, sandwiches and wraps as valid alternatives.

The name La Mexicana describes the type of restaurant. Original Sonora cuisine with enchiladas, Nachos, Mexican Steak Dinner and other meals at affordable prices. The cutlery and the setting might be better, but the food is above average.

Sonora has most of the famous food chains in the town, and you can grab a quick bite at Taco Grill, Pizza Hut, or Subway.

Sonora TX hotels

Sonora is a small town but still has numerous accommodation options. Super 8 by Wyndham Sonora is among the best hotels, and you can count SureStay Hotel by Best Western Sonora in that category. Quality Inn is a smaller establishment with great reviews and many amenities. Finally, there are a couple of motels in town, namely Motel 6 and Holiday Host Motel.

Before going on over the Atlantic trip, make sure you make your US ESTA application. You won’t be able to enter the US without ESTA approval, and with it, there is a two-year window to visit. The most extended stay can be three months which is enough time to take a deep dive in the vast state of Texas.

Bottom line

Sonora is a classic small town in Texas with a friendly family atmosphere, excellent accommodation and dining options, and plenty of attractions. Of course, Sonora Caverns tops the list of things to see, but learning about the town’s turbulent history can be equally fun.


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