Things to know about a Demolition Hammer

Most demolition hammers are powered by compressed air though some use electric motors and hydraulic power. They operate when the power drives the internal hammer up and down, which strikes the chisel with force breaking any surface it touches. In the article below, I will discuss the types of demolition hammers and how to safely use them.

Also referred to as a jackhammer, a Demolition hammer is a pneumatic tool that consists of a hammer and a chisel. They are used to break up rock, pavement, and concrete in the construction industry. The machine has an internal hammer and a chisel at the end. The demolition hammer was invented by William Mcreavy, who later sold the patent to Charles Brady. Below is a picture of a Demolition Hammer

Types of demolition hammers

  • Electrical

As their name suggests, they are driven by electricity. They are powerful machines that are convenient for disassembling old brickwork, or when making a doorway where there is a concrete wall. It is environmentally friendly as it does not have emissions such as those that use fuel and is also cheap to maintain. The presence of a chord makes the user less mobile.

  • Pneumatic

They are more powerful than the electric types. They are suitable for demolition of large walls, making of hard soils loose and dismantling concrete structures. Its main advantage is that it does not require fuel and is also environmentally friendly. Producing over 1000 beats per minute, It has a higher speed of operation as compared to the electrical demolition hammer.

  • Petrol hammers.

They use petrol in drilling; hence they do not have an external power source. They do not have a cord that constantly tangles the user, which can even cause accidents. It is also very portable and does not need setting up. The downside of these machines is that they become more expensive in the long run because long usage requires constant refuelling. It also is a nuisance to the environment as it is very loud and has dangerous emissions.

  • Hydraulic hammers

These machines are designed for use by professionals since they are meant for constant and intensive use. They are also built to withstand very harsh conditions such as snow, dirt, rain and dust as they have an inbuilt self-lubricating mechanism. Its high price comes as its main disadvantage. For instance, a Hydraulic demolition hammer price in Kenya is not affordable to many.

Usage and safety

When a demolition hammer is used without any safety precautions, it can cause injury or work-related illness. While working, always move the machine by using your legs to lift it to avoid back strains and injury. Users should make sure their wear personal protective equipment consisting of at least gloves, ear muffs, safety boots and face protection.

These tools also have safety features that prevent them from running if the chisel part is not in contact with a hard surface. It also has a locking mechanism on the drill. You ought to regularly check the machine for a defect. To start the demolition hammer, push it down against the surface you want to demolish.


Before settling of which type of Demolition hammer to buy, there are various factors to consider such as the type of environment, type of work and material to demolish. These machines also come with different specifications and you ought to seek advice from an expert.

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