Things to learn about Culvert Balloons

A culvert balloon is a kind of cylinder bag used to form concrete components. The cylinder bag usually expands and shrinks. It comes in different shapes: oval, pipeline, trapezoidal, hexagon, round, or even octagon. The balloon is used in tunnel, bridge, and side ditch construction.

In this article, I will be discussing the features that make culvert balloons effective for use.

There are many culvert failures witnessed today. Highway administration and local authorities need to ensure that culverts are designed and engineered well for their proper function. Culverts are mainly used as cross–drains to relieve drainage of ditches at roadsides and pass water under a road. The culverts are to be appropriately fit to avoid accidents.

The following are the features that make culvert balloons effective for use;

Convenience of use

Work is more accessible when one uses minimum effort to achieve desirable results. The culvert balloon makes work easy as it is easy and convenient to operate. The balloon is usually soft, curly, and can fold with ease. Their ease of use saves on time and labor. The handling of the balloon is also easy. For storage services, the balloons don’t take much space.


One should consider this feature of portability before deciding to purchase it. The balloons’ portability gives a user ease while in operation. When constructing the trenches, the builders are not overworked since inflating the balloons is an easy task. This therefore enables the constructers to be highly active and motivated in making the culverts.

Resistance to high temperature

The balloons are resistant to extreme weather conditions. They can withstand temperatures ranging from ten to ninety degrees. They are also wear-resistant. When purchasing a culvert balloon, one should look into the best that won’t wear and tear easily and also consider your financial status as the culvert balloon price in Kenya is somewhat high.

The balloon is durable

The material is made from natural rubber and fabric. It is made of three layers; two layers of rubber and one layer of fabric. The inner layer is made of synthetic solid polymer, capable of withstanding force from air pressure and concrete. The hardness of the rubber, the elasticity, and the material’s flexibility are excellent features in ensuring that it’s long-lasting.


After purchasing a culvert air balloon, a purchaser is issued with a written guarantee by the manufacturer promising to repair and replace it if necessary within a specified period. The warranty guarantees the customer of the excellent performance of the product. When purchasing them, it’s advisable to go for that which has a warranty since it acts as security in case of damage.


The above-discussed features make the use of a culvert balloon efficient. When planning on the best culvert balloon to purchase, it is essential to look out for the one that matches your needs. Most people recommend the culvert balloons since most of them are highly efficient and reliable.

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