This Is How to Wear a Lapel Pin the Correct Way

Mens fashion has some limitations that mean it can be hard to accessorize to your taste and experience. While women’s fashion has plenty of opportunities to share personality, there are just a few options for men.

Some places to branch out with your formal fashion are with a pocket square, a tie, socks, scarves, and lapel pins. But if you don’t know how to wear a lapel pin, adding one to your wardrobe can feel daunting.

This guide will help you choose the right lapel pin for your style and occasion, and take out the guesswork for where to put it and when.

Finding the Right Pin

The first step to having good lapel pin style is to have a good pin to start with. No matter how well you style and place your pin if it isn’t high quality, it isn’t going to look good.

Choose a pin in a high-quality metal with a lapel pin design with special significance to you and your style. even has pins to commemorate special events or awards that you may want to highlight.

Match Your Hardware

This step is less important if your lapel pin is colorful, but if the main component of the pin is a precious metal, such as gold or silver, you’ll need to match it to the other metal components of your outfit.

Check your belt buckle, cufflinks, glasses rim, and any metal aspects of your shoes to make sure that they all match. The color may not need to match perfectly, but it certainly needs to remain in the same family.

For Colorful Pins

If your pin is colorful, try to match it to other accents of your outfit. Choose a color that goes well with or matches your tie, socks, or pocket square.

While the colors don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) match exactly, they should complement each other. This guide can help you decide what colors go together.

When to Wear A Lapel Pin

Generally, wearing a lapel pin can happen at any time that you’d wear a suit or sports jacket. It’s just a little extra something to enhance any formal outfit, but there are a few occasions where you should leave the lapel pin at home.

Those are at a funeral or for a job interview. Those events, while formal, are also serious, and a lapel pin may be seen as too showy for such occasions.

How to Wear a Lapel Pin: Placement

If you don’t wear your lapel pin in the right spot, it will look sloppy and out of place. There are a few basic rules to placing your lapel pin on a jacket:

  • Lapel pins always go on the left lapel
  • Lapel pins go in the lapel button hole
  • If a flower is in your button hole, place the pin to the right of the hole

As long as you follow those three rules, you’ll never have an askew or incorrectly placed lapel pin, and you’ll always look sharp. 

Looking Sharp With a Lapel Pin

By choosing the right pin, wearing it at the right time, and knowing how to wear a lapel pin, you can always look sharp. Add personality to your outfits and show off some of the awards and accolades you’re most proud of.

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