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5 Reasons to Choose Borderless Dressing

The traditional wound care solutions involving gauze, bandage, cotton and swab are no longer something new to us in modern days, while their advanced counterparts, advanced wound care solutions, are less known. Previously prescribed by clinicians to secure shortened heal time, optimized drainage and lower risk of infection, the advanced wound dressings are now more available and accessible to all.

Now, some of you might be wondering why. Why should we choose them, what are they good for, how exactly “advanced” are they, which new wound care solution is the one that suits me the best? To answer these questions, let us start with one of the basic yet core products: the borderless silicone foam dressing, along with its feature, application range and benefits.

Features of Borderless Silicone Foam Dressing

  • The borderless silicone foam dressing, also known as the silicone wound dressing without border, effectively absorbs heavy to moderate exudates, reducing exudate collection at the wound site and the risk of maceration
  • The adhesive silicone layer in the borderless silicone foam dressing adheres to the skin surrounding the wound but not to the wound site, aiding in the reduction of wound site damage and associated pain and discomfort during its application and removal
  • One of the strengths of all advanced wound care solution is that they minimize the pains significantly. As for the borderless silicone foam dressing, it is easy to pull off and re-stick when inspecting the wound site or the surrounding skin, which is both more comforting for patients themselves, and helpful for the doctors to inspect the wound as frequently as required
  • The highly permeable outer layer of this silicone foam dressing serves as a waterproof and secure barrier against microorganisms
  • The borderless silicone foam dressing provides a wet healing environment for the wound

Materials of Borderless Silicone Foam Dressing

Silicone foam dressing is an advanced wound care solution made up of the following:

  • Highly permeable outer layer, which serves as a secure barrier against microorganisms and water.
  • Highly absorbent layer, which reduces the chances of maceration by absorbing and retaining exudate
  • Transfer layer, which aids in the absorption of exudate into the highly absorbent layer and the prevention of leaking
  • Polyurethane foam layer, which assists in absorbing exudate to reduce pooling at the wound surface
  • Silicone layer, which reduces pain and discomfort during the application and removal; the layer also ensures easy pulling off and re-sticking when inspecting the wound site
  • Release layer, which aids in non-touch sanitary application

Application Range of Borderless Silicone Foam Dressing

The application range of borderless silicone foam dressing may include a number of exuding wounds including abrasions, lacerations, skin tears, traumatic wounds, foot and leg ulcers, pressure ulcers (stage 1 and 2), injuries from burns (first and second degree), early-stage bedsores, and surgical wounds.

Merits of Borderless Silicone Foam Dressing

  1. Borderless silicone wound dressing is soft, conformable, and adaptable, could be easily trimmed to size, and is suitable for many areas of the body, such as the elbows and ears, where normal bordered foam dressings may not fit exactly.


2. The polyurethane coating in the borderless silicon foam dressings provides for greater absorption capacity, allowing the advanced wound dressing to efficiently absorb mild to moderate exudate.

3. As mentioned above, owing to the flexible silicone layer, borderless silicone foam dressing is non-sticky but repetitive adhesive, thus, appropriate for regular medical check-ups with less pain.

4. Borderless silicone foam dressing offers a highly breathable wound care solution, acts as a barrier against bacteria, preventing bacterial infections at wound sites, and offers a waterproof feature for reducing the chances of secondary infections.

5. Borderless silicone foam dressing sticks to the skin around the wound rather than the moist wound bed. They are designed to inflict as little discomfort and anguish as possible while also leaving no adhesive residues on the skin’s surface when removed.


As an advanced wound dressing option, borderless silicone foam dressing is an excellent choice for a wide variety of moderate to severely exuding wounds and may be especially useful for those with sensitive skin. Winner Medical’s Borderless Silicone Foam Dressing is a competent, high-quality, comfortable, and simple-to-apply wound care solution. It is the ideal choice for wound treatment as it provides a breathable, waterproof, and moist environment for wound healing.

Winner Medical is a leading producer of disposable medical products such as infection control supplies, wound dressing supplies, and surgical supplies. The firm aspires to supply trustworthy and high-quality medical products, especially wound dressing supplies, to customers on a worldwide scale by leveraging breakthrough technologies, assuring the safe and healthy healing of all customers.

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