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Tips for Choosing a Precious Metals Company

ABC Bullion Sydney has announced the appointment of Nick Frappell as Global General Manager. Nick joins ABC Bullion with extensive experience in the field of precious metals. He has previously worked in the industry as a trading manager, marketer for consumers, hedge funds, and producers. In his new role at ABC Bullion Sydney, Frappell will focus on helping clients access the global markets for precious metals. Nick is responsible for leading the company’s efforts to provide an exceptional customer experience.

ABC Bullion

ABC Bullion Sydney has added another top name to its list of reputable precious metals companies. Nicholas Frappell has spent years in the precious metals industry, including as a trader, marketer, and hedge fund. His background has given him a unique perspective on the industry. He brings an exceptional level of experience to the role, and he has an excellent track record in precious metals. Below are some tips for choosing an Australian precious metals company.

Perth Mint

If you are interested in buying gold coins and bars, you should check out the Perth Mint – Bullion Sydney. The Perth Mint produces internationally certified gold buyers coins and bars. These coins are stored in a secure vault in central Sydney. You can register your personal Bullion Trading Account, which is assigned to each individual bar or coin. For the first year of your subscription, you can store your precious metals at no charge. You can rest assured that your precious metals are insured by Lloyds London, and you can always purchase a bar or coin if you’re in need of protection. Perth Mint also audits their precious metals annually.

Australian Numismatic Dealer’s Association

The Australian Numismatic Dealer’s Association (ANDA) was founded in 1995 in Victoria, Australia. The organization is comprised of 62 member dealers in Australia and New Zealand. ANDA promotes numismatic interest and co-operation between dealers. The association mediates disputes between members and non-members. It also acts as a conduit for trade and credit information among its members.

KJC Secure Vaulting

If you own precious metals, you may be interested in storing them with a premium security service like KJC Secure Vaulting for Bullion. This Sydney-based company works with LMBA-member G4S to safeguard precious metals. Other gold bullion dealers in Australia, such as Ainslie Bullion, offer allocated and unallocated storage for precious metals. Here are some reasons why you may want to choose one of these facilities:


Buying gold and silver in Australia requires some legwork. Australia does not have an import tax on precious metals, but there are some criteria for being exempt from taxes. This article will discuss the factors to consider when buying precious metals in Australia. You can also buy gold bullion coins or collectible coins. All of these options require some research, though. Choosing the right bullion dealer in Australia is essential.


For those in Australia looking to buy gold coins and bars, PMGOLD is the right choice. As the state’s official holder of gold, PMGOLD is backed by the WA government. This means that, if the price of gold rose, investors would have to wait in line to get their money back. The bars and coins are also available for loans to third parties. PMGOLD has a lower management fee and running costs than its counterparts.

QUA backed by physical gold bullion

A QAU backed by physical gold bullion (or GDX) is an investment fund that tracks the price of gold. It is backed by gold bullion but is not a physical bar. In theory, QAU is a safe haven asset that tracks gold prices, and it hedges against currency fluctuations in the AUD/USD exchange rate. QAU investors can see a list of gold bars on the BetaShares website and purchase the units like a stock.

QUA backed by physical gold bullion bars

Physical gold bullion bars offer a number of advantages to investors, including the ability to liquidate your holdings in the event of a complete economic meltdown. Gold bullion bars are also more secure than national currencies, making them an excellent investment hedge. Here are some other benefits of owning gold bars. They are also less expensive than gold coins. Therefore, they are a more attractive option for investors who do not have numismatic interests.

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