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Tips for Making the Most of Your Small Kitchen Design

People are getting more interested in living in fewer places as a result of the tiny house craze. You can either buy a tiny house kit or convert an old shipping container into your new home. A little kitchen is generally included with a tiny house. If you want to make the most of your space, you’ll need to become a small kitchen design expert. 

Some persons with little apartment kitchen space, on the other hand, are compelled to work in cramped confines. There are various methods to maximise your space no matter how small your kitchen is, whether by chance or design. After all, you want to be able to spend time in your kitchen without feeling cramped. 

Here are some ideas for making the most of a small remodeling contractors albuquerque

  1. Concentrate on the function 

Focus on function first to ensure that your compact kitchen design meets your requirements. Begin by making sure you have all of the necessary kitchen appliances and work areas. 

If huge appliances are a concern, consider adopting scaled-down appliances to save room. Refrigerator and freezer drawers, as well as compact microwaves, are examples of these ingenious smaller equipment. Smaller stoves with two burners and single sinks are also an option. 

  1. Storage in a Small Kitchen 

Consider these small kitchen storage alternatives if your little kitchen is starting to feel claustrophobic and swamped by overhead cabinets: 

  • To avoid feeling hemmed in, swap top cupboards for open storage. 
  • To free up some counter space, hang shelving, pot racks, and/or pegboards. 
  • Make kitchen sink tip outs out of the “drawers” beneath the sink that don’t open. 
  • On the inside of your kitchen cabinets, hang a cork board or a magnetic board. 
  • To hang your critical kitchen knives, replace your countertop knife block with a magnetic knife strip. 
  • Instead of worrying about adding a draining board, search for a dish rack that can fold into the wall or be compressed when not in use. 
  • Install a metal rack above the kitchen island or on the wall to give the room the feel of a professional chef’s kitchen (if there is room) a little breakfast counter 
  • Keep in mind that when you have a tiny kitchen design, keeping clutter to a minimum is critical to making the most of your storage space. 
  1. Use Color to Create Illusions 

Coastal Living suggests painting everything white to give the impression of a larger room. For people that get dirty while baking and cooking, this may not be the ideal idea, as you’ll be cleaning a lot. Fresh, bright white walls and kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, will appear airy and expansive. 

Incorporate wood and wicker accents into the white tiny kitchen design, according to Coastal Living. Select stools with light wood legs to emphasise the room’s brightness, and look for a light fixture made of woven wicker or a basket for a unique touch. 

  1. Think about the layout of your kitchen. 

A one-wall kitchen layout is the ideal alternative when a kitchen layout is too small for even galley kitchen ideas. The one-wall configuration will be the most efficient way to save space. 

The fridge, sink, stove, cabinets, and counters are all aligned on one wall in single wall kitchens. Consider the most efficient sequence to position the items in because this one wall will practically house all of your kitchen needs. 

  1. Put together a mood board 

It’s easier to hide defects or separate competing styles in larger kitchen layouts, just as it is in any larger room of your home. This can be more difficult in a tiny kitchen layout or in a limited space design. 

Create a mood board with items you’re considering to aid with this problem. Include materials for your countertop surfaces, cabinetry, fittings, and flooring, as well as lighting and colour schemes. 

To get a better idea of how items will match up and look together in your small kitchen design, including samples and swatches of everything you’re considering about utilising. Also, keeping the fixtures and cabinet hardware in the same colour and style will help to unify the overall look and design. 

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