Tips For Storing Your Favorite Collections

Many people have a special type of item that they collect, whether it is for investments, heirlooms, or simply the joy of collecting something interesting. What is the best way to store these items so that their condition and quality are well-preserved?

Action Figures

These days, toy manufacturers like Mattel, Hasbro, and create action figures and dolls that are modeled with characters from a specific movie, show, or book series in mind. Most collectors choose to keep their action figures in the original box, but beyond this, there are additional steps that should be taken to ensure that your action figures and dolls are in pristine condition for years to come.

While some people may prefer to put their action figure collection on display, in addition to retaining and storing your collectible toys in their original packaging, it is ideal to protect the packaging by wrapping each toy in bubble wrap and putting the items in a cool, dark place.


The key to keeping your coins in great condition is putting them in a case and storing them away from dirt, dust, and oil. Additionally, avoid handling your coins if they are not in a protective case.

As far as cases go, you have a few different options to choose from depending on your personal preferences. Coins can be stored in square, plastic or glass cases that are meant for individual coin storage. You might prefer to put your collectibles into a coin album, especially if you have a lot of coins, as this is a huge space saver and also provides you with a simple way to keep coins organized.


Despite the fact that for most people, the majority of the photographs that they take are stored on a phone or a memory card, most people also have photographs stored somewhere within their homes. In most cases, these items serve as precious, meaningful reminders of the past, so preserving them correctly is imperative.

First and foremost, keep your photographs away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and unnecessary handling. Whether your pictures are organized or not, they should still be kept in special photograph storage boxes or albums that are acid, dye, and lignin free. Experts recommend that you choose boxes that are made of cardboard rather than plastic to ensure that the plastic will not interact negatively with the photos over a long period of time.

Additionally, it is a good idea to scan your photos so that you will have digital copies of these items. Photographs are paper, and paper is easily damaged, so no matter how well your pictures are stored, it is still possible for them to become blemished or compromised in some way. Digitally storing pictures means that not only are they safe from many hazards, but they can also be reprinted should the hard copies be damaged or destroyed.

Plush Toys

Plush toys that are being kept as collectibles need to be stored in a different way from plush toys that are being played with or handled on a regular basis. The idea is to preserve your plush items so that they remain in excellent condition, so place the toys in individually sized, acid-free boxes or tissue paper. Some people also recommend plastic tubs or boxes for toy storage. Most importantly, your items should be kept away from any moisture to prevent the growth of bacteria. Storing your plush toy collection properly will also ensure that bugs or other pests won’t be able to access the items.

Vintage Records

Ideally, vinyl records should be kept in their original packaging with the polyurethane sleeve. As with photographs, records should not be placed in direct sunlight. They should also be stored upright in order to keep the sides and front of the record in pristine condition.

These are just a few examples of collectible items that should be properly cared for and stored in order to preserve their condition. Whether you intend on keeping the items indefinitely or selling them in the future, your collectibles are more likely to retain their value when stored properly.

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