Tips to Avoid Common Problems of CPAP Machines

If you have obstructive sleep apnea, you might have heard about CPAP. It is the only effective sleep apnea treatment but at the same time, it can be quite hard to figure out, in the beginning.

CPAP, better known as continuous positive airway pressure therapy, has proved to be extremely helpful only effective treatment for sleep apnea. If you buy CPAP machine in Australia, it comes with a hose that is connected to a mask. These two work together to deliver a steady pressure of air to you, while you sleep.

However, for beginners, using a CPAP machine can get frustrating sometimes. From a leaky mask to finding it hard to sleep, there are various reasons that contribute to the discomfort that people experience with a CPAP machine. But this usually happens due to some common mistakes that people are unaware of. And in this article, we will be sharing those with you, to help you avoid them.

Common Problems to Avoid in CPAP Machines

Without any further ado, let’s get right into them.

1. Wrong Size Mask:

The CPAP machine mask must be for you precisely. Discuss all the details with your doctor closely and then direct your requirements to the supplier as well. Do not make a purchase, until and unless you feel 100% confident about the style and size of the mask. if the size of the mask is not accurate, it will cause discomfort during the night. Three are different size masks available with CPAP machines. Try them before you make a pick.

2. Developing the Habit of Wearing the Mask:

Another common issue that many experience is that they find it harder to wear the mask at night. This is because they are not accustomed to it. Thus, as a beginner, you need to gradually develop this habit. Start with wearing the mask for shorter time spans during the day. For instance, wear a mask while watching your favorite show. Then start developing a habit of wearing it while keeping the machine on, while you are still awake. It will take some time to get accustomed to it, thus be patient.

3. Difficulty in Managing the Air Pressure:

CPAP machines have advanced largely with the passage of time. Thus, invest in one that comes with a ramp feature. It allows you to lower the air pressure, according to your own comfort. You can then gradually increase the pressure according to your own comfort, before sleeping. If this feature doesn’t help you much, it is best to discuss the dilemma with your doctor. For many, a BIPAP machine might be much better too.


The CPAP Machine requires patience and time to get accustomed to. It can get frustrating in the beginning but it is recommended that you develop the habit gradually.

Sleep apnea can cause several issues in your daily life and therefore, it is critical to address it. With just a little determination and persistence, you will certainly find relief with CPAP machines.

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