Tips To Maintain a Stylish Look with A Designer Saree in Monsoon

Most of us enjoy watching and photographing the splendour of rain, yet many others choose not to go outside because they don’t want to get wet. Only from your balcony or window can you truly appreciate the beauty of the monsoon season. But when you step outside in the rainy season, you can get the uneasy sensation of being drenched in rain. Undoubtedly, one of your most challenging times for looking your best is during the monsoon. So, when wearing a designer saree while going around during the monsoon, it’s essential to be extra cautious.

The monsoon season delivers a welcome shift in the weather, but it can also present difficulties for keeping up a fashionable appearance, particularly if you are donning an exquisite saree. Maintaining your saree in great condition all day can be challenging due to the rain and humidity. You may wear your elegant saree even during the rainy season with a few easy tips and tactics.

Pick The Correct Fabric

Choose fabrics that suit the climate when choosing a designer saree for the monsoon season. Lightweight materials that dry rapidly, such as crape, chiffon, and georgette, are perfect for monsoon clothing. As a result, you can stay dry and fashionable even when it’s raining because these fabrics also don’t absorb water. Avoid thick textiles like velvet and silk since they take forever to dry and can become clumsy.

Invest In Waterproofing

Consider waterproofing your designer saree to keep it from getting damaged by water. Many fabric sprays around the market coat the fabric with a shield to keep water out and stains at bay. To be sure it will not damage or discolour the saree, test any waterproofing spray on a tiny, inconspicuous section of the fabric before using it everywhere. If your saree gets damp during the monsoon showers, waterproofing it would also simplify cleaning.

Choose Vivid and Dark Colours

The monsoon season is the ideal time to play around with vivid and bright hues. Choose sarees in striking colours and deep colours to make a fashion statement as well as to help cover up any possible watermarks or stains brought on by the rain. A monsoon saree looks great in hues like blue royal, emerald green, deeper crimson, and indigo. These hues not only give your appearance a dash of glitz but they also boost your sense of confidence as you brave the downpour.

Watch The Drape

During the monsoons, appropriately tying a saree is crucial. To ease movement and avoid damaging the saree, tie it slightly higher than normal. To guarantee that the pleats stay in place, keep them tight and secure with a few more pins. Keep the pallu loose so you may readily cover your body and head in case of a sudden rainfall or drizzle.

A Ready-made or Pant Saree

This monsoon season makes it challenging to drape sarees. You have a wide range of options for this season’s trendy sarees. The finest choice for keeping cool and looking fashionable throughout this monsoon season is a pant saree, palazzo, or trousers are included with this saree. You can also choose a pre-made saree to avoid the effort of draping one, and we assure you that you will still make an impression with your outfit.

Add Accessories to Enhance Your Ethnic Look

Your choice of accessories completes your entire appearance. To avoid damage from moisture and humidity during the rainy season, it’s crucial to select accessories carefully. Choose waterproof jewellery like bangles made of plastic or resin or dazzling earrings made of rigid materials that go with your saree. Avoid wearing delicate or metal jewellery that could tarnish or become damaged from rain. Without compromising the features, you can upgrade your look by picking the proper accessories.

Select The Right Footwear

In the monsoon season, wearing the appropriate footwear is essential. During this season, avoid wearing stilettos with sarees since they cannot have a solid hold on the slick surface. Choose flats or feasible, comfy footwear to help you get around the soggy streets while still looking stylish.

Wear Waterproof Makeup To Keep It On

If we are entirely frank, the ethnic saree style just can’t be finished without a little bit of dazzling makeup.  Because we know that the rain will smear the makeup and spoil your luxury saree, how about we attempt waterproof makeup products? Waterproof makeup is an excellent solution for wet weather because it looks nice and is harder to remove. Remember that wearing a saree is best when you keep things simple, so don’t overdo it.

Grab A Chic Umbrella

In addition to being a helpful accessory during the monsoon, an umbrella may enhance your appearance with style. Invest in a trendy umbrella that matches your designer saree and is high-quality and durable. Choose umbrellas that express your sense of style using bright colours, odd patterns, or distinctive designs. A chic umbrella will keep your saree dry and create a fashion statement, giving you a polished and elegant appearance.


Avoid letting the rains ruin your look! All of these ideas can help you keep your designer saree and your beautiful appearance-even during the rainy season. Remember that confidence is most crucial, so proudly wear your saree while taking advantage of the monsoon season. Regardless of the weather, you may look stylish and draw attention wherever you go by following these guidelines!

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