Tired of Writing Cramps? Discover How to Eliminate Them

If you’re an avid writer, then you’ve surely heard of writer’s cramp. However, did you know the official name for writer’s cramp is focal hand dystonia?

Dystonia refers to a condition that causes involuntary or unusual movements, and focal dystonia is a type of dystonia that only affects one part of the body. So, focal hand dystonia (FHD) typically only affects the fingers and hands, though it will occasionally spread up through the arm too.

Writing cramps are hard to ignore, especially if your job requires you to write for long periods. But is there any way to minimize hand cramps when writing?

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below to learn everything you need to know about how to stop hand cramps when writing.

Choose Your Writing Instruments Properly

One of the symptoms of writer’s cramp is tightly holding your writing instrument. This can make any muscle spasms even more painful if they occur.

Changing your writing instrument can help you eliminate these cramps. If you prefer working with a pen, opt for a fountain pen with a wider barrel.

Gel and rollerball pens are also useful if you plan to write for long periods. With these types of pens, you’ll be able to naturally hold it more loosely while still getting coverage. Ballpoint pens, by contrast, require more effort to push down, which puts unnecessary stress on your muscles.

Be Conscious About Your Posture

When holding your pen or pencil, be sure that you’re not forcefully gripping it. In fact, you should be writing with your arm, not your fingers or wrist.

Your fingers are only there to keep the writing instrument steady. Your arm is what really should be moving to write. Keep your wrist as straight as possible and avoid twisting or bending it unnaturally as you write.

Good posture also helps avoid writing cramps. Try not to hunch over as you write, as that leads to your neck and arms tiring out more quickly.

Take Breaks And Find Alternate Solutions

Proper writing techniques can help decrease the number of writing cramps you get, but you can still get hand cramps after writing if you over-exert yourself. It’s important to stop when you start to feel tired.

If you pen handwritten letters to friends or clients, you can save yourself from writing an elaborate signoff by using a signature stamp—in fact, you can click here to check out some of the best signature stamps.

If possible, take your writing digital. Typing might elicit similar writing cramps, so test out a text-to-speech program to prevent putting any strain on your hands, wrists, or arms.

You may even consider seeing a specialist. A neurologist who specializes in movement disorders can help you build a treatment plan, which could consist of anything from oral medications to physical therapy exercise routines.

Discover How To Eliminate Writing Cramps

Building a writing-cramp exercise routine may sound silly, but it could save you from some serious chronic pain down the road! With the info above, you’ll be able to cut writing cramps out of your life and finally enjoy your time penning letters, journal entries, or the next great novel! 

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