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Top 10 Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat

Cool in the Heat

Are you sweating through your sheets, clothing, and even couch covers? During a heatwave, you can feel miserable at home, especially if you don’t have central air conditioning.

You don’t have to deal with sweaty thighs or lay facedown on your tile floors to keep yourself cool. Why not try a few new ways to stay cool in the heat?

We’re here with a few suggestions. Keep reading to learn our favorite ways to stay cool in the summer when you don’t have central AC.

1. Try a New Fan

If the heat isn’t too excessive, a fan might be enough to cool off your home.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to install a ceiling fan, like the fans at Modern Fan Outlet. These are often aesthetically pleasing, they stay out of the way, and they circulate air throughout the room instead of being stuck in one small area.

When you use a fan, make sure you place it in a good area. Close off rooms that you’re not in so the air circulates where people actually are.

2. Invest In a Good Window Air Conditioner

If you don’t have central air, a window air conditioner is a game-changer. Many people think that they’re not good enough to be worth the money, but this isn’t true. These air conditioners are effective enough to fill an entire room, and they often don’t use up too much electricity.

Find the right window for your air conditioner and make sure that there are no gaps. You don’t want to let the hot air in.

3. Swamp Cooler(or Evaporative Cooler): A DIY Option

Anyone who’s ever lived in a hot area has probably heard of a swamp cooler, but not everyone knows how to make one. Some people claim that this is one of the best ways to stay cool without AC.

Swamp coolers are easy and effective enough to drop the temperature inside your home by a few degrees. Don’t expect the swamp cooler to be as good as an air conditioner, but it can offer some relief.

Keep in mind that swamp coolers are better if you’re experiencing dry heat. The cooler will increase the humidity inside your home, so you don’t want to use it on a humid day.

This cooler also won’t keep you cool all day unless you continuously replace the ice, so keep that in mind as well when you’re setting it up.

There are plenty of complicated swamp coolers that require a lot of supplies, but if you’re experiencing a short enough heatwave that you don’t want to put in all of that extra effort, try this simple option.

Get a large fan (window fans work well, but any fan that’s low can work) and a shallow and wide container. Fill the container with cold water and ice.

Place the container in front of the fan and turn the fan on. The fan should cause the water to evaporate (albeit slowly) to cool your room down by a few degrees.

4. Try Cold Treats and Meals

When you’re feeling too hot to function, get yourself a cold treat to cool yourself off.

If you’re on a budget, buy yourself a box of popsicles. The thin popsicles wrapped in plastic are often a few dollars for a large box, so they’re a cost-effective option. They also don’t have many calories.

If you want to make your own, consider freezing drinks that have electrolytes. These will keep you hydrated and cool at the same time.

While it’s hot, it’s best not to use the oven if you can help it. It will heat up the kitchen, if only by a few degrees. Try making cold meals like salads and soba noodles until the heatwave is behind you.

5. Cool Off Sheets and Pillowcases

One of the worst parts of a heatwave is trying to sleep. If you’re the kind of person that needs a quilt or weighted blanket to sleep, it’s even worse. Shedding your clothes won’t cut it (and it might even make you hotter).

So what do you do?

Well, you can suffer in silence if you choose, or you can try this nifty trick to cool down your bed linens before bedtime. You could also do this with your pajamas.

This is a short-term solution, so it may only work if you’re someone who’s able to fall asleep quickly.

The answer is simple: Put a sheet and your pillowcases into the freezer. If you want, you can spray a fine mist onto them as well, but this isn’t necessary. This is also a great option for anyone who has a pet that needs to stay cool. Freeze a blanket for the pet and put it near where they sleep.

This may be the best way to stay cool in bed.

6. Take a Dip

Nothing is better than a cool dip in the water on a hot day. Sometimes it’s the only thing that will work!

If you’re able to, get to your nearest creek, lake, or ocean to spend a day in the water. Even if it usually feels too hot to handle, it’ll feel amazing during a heatwave.

If you don’t have a nearby accessible body of water, don’t fear. You can stay cool in the water that you have at home. If you have a bath, run the water just under room temperature and you’ll feel great. Cold baths aren’t for everyone, so making it cooler than the room is often enough.

If you only have a shower, you still have options. Either run a cool shower or invest in a shower bath. These baths can be found on sites like Amazon and they fit in most conventional showers. They’re small and deep and easy to use, though you may only have room to sit cross-legged.

Despite the tight bath, you’ll still feel great.

7. Wear Flowy Clothing

Did you know that wearing less clothing isn’t always the answer when it gets hot out? You may discover that you feel hotter in a bikini when you’re roasting outside. Also, not everyone is comfortable bearing so much skin.

So what’s the alternative?

If you’ve ever looked at someone who lives in the desert, you may have been shocked to discover that they often cover most of their skin. How are they not overheating when they’re wearing layers?

When your skin is covered, you’re not exposed to the sun. Even black clothing can deter the heat from the sun if you’re wearing enough layers.

Loose and flowy clothing can help your body retain moisture so you stay cooler.

8. Use a Mister

Have you ever been walking around a theme park or outdoor event and found yourself walking under a cool mist. This mist offers a lot of relief when you’re out in the sun. Mist imitates sweat which keeps you cool.

You might not be able to install a mister in your house, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use mist to your advantage.

Look for fan-mister combos. These handheld fans are great for when you’re out and about and they’re more effective than standalone fans, even if you’re already sweating.

If you’re home, there’s an even cheaper option.

Buy an empty bottle that resembles a hairspray bottle (or wash a used hairspray bottle, but make sure that it no longer smells like hairspray). You can find them at many pharmacies or large stores. Bottles for cleaning supplies are often too aggressive for this.

Fill it with water and spray yourself while you’re sitting in front of a fan. This will imitate sweat to keep you feeling cool. This is great for when you’re trying to fall asleep.

9. Cover Your Windows

This might seem obvious, but it’s important to cover your windows when it’s hot out. It’s tempting to keep your windows open in hope of a cool breeze, but this can heat your home up even more.

If you must open your windows, open them at night and wake up early enough that you close them before the sun is bright.

During the day, cover your windows with blinds or curtains. Thick curtains (like blackout curtains) are best for this. They block the light so you can stay cool.

It’s also effective to put tinfoil on your windows, though your neighbors may not be thrilled with this method if they catch a glare from your home.

10. Keep Lotions and Skincare Products in the Fridge

This one is easy for anyone to do. Keep all of your skincare products in the refrigerator to give yourself relief throughout the day (and especially before bed).

There are very few things that you can’t store in the refrigerator. Some people even have countertop fridges in their bathrooms to store skincare products.

You can store body lotion and even sunscreen in the refrigerator so you have a cooling product ready to go. Bonus: you get super soft and glowy skin!

Try These Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat

If you don’t have central air, these ways to stay cool in the heat can be lifesavers. They’re simple, effective, and easy. You don’t have to sweat all day during your next heatwave!

Gather your supplies and start cooling down today.

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