Top 5 Beautiful Things to See in Dubai Miracle Garden

Garden is one such place where people from all age groups tend to visit, from young toddlers to aged strollers. Still, Dubai’s Miracle Garden is an exception because of the beautiful rare flowers hardly seen at any place other than Dubai. It is the world’s biggest garden surrounded by nothing but just natural flowers. It is the pure amalgamation of varied attractive flowers and the heavenly fragrance; this place is accurately named because it is no less than a miracle on earth. From cities made of flowers to mesmerizing heart shaped canopies above us, this garden is a delight to visit not just with your lover but with friends, family, kids, anyone. A perfect day out spot for anyone who adores nature. The Dubai miracle Garden ticket price is AED 55 (INR 1112.94) for adults and AED 40 (INR 809.41) for ages 3 -12. This garden is exceptionally well maintained and clean. The flowers here are taken extra care of, and thus the rose blooms better and brighter here because of all the care amenities that are provided for proper management.

If you ever plan to visit Dubai Miracle Garden, do not take a chance to miss these places:

  1. Emirates A380

Ever seen an aeroplane fully loaded and decorated with flowers? This garden significantly is the only place that can change this imagination into reality. Dubai miracle garden showcases a double-deck jet airliner Emirates A380 which is fully loaded and decorated with innumerable different types of flowers. The weight of this airliner, Emirates A380, is around 100 tons, and this setup is no less than a mixture of beauty and luxury. If aeroplanes fascinate you, this view is made to awestruck you with its uniqueness.

  1. Disney Avenue

It is not a hidden truth that how kids never miss a chance to drool over their favourite Disney characters and to excite your kids, this place has managed to pull off a whole Disney Avenue that comprises many Disney characters who are not decorated ordinally in their costumes but are adorned by some of the best flowers. So, if your kids run to watch these characters, do not stop them because it might just be one of the rarest views for anyone who is a Disney fan. Do not stop yourself from clicking some beautiful cherishing memories.

  1. Butterfly passage

Butterflies are without a doubt one of the most eye-catching creatures, and it would be fascinating to see one whole passage just decorated with the concept of butterflies. This view is decorated and viewed in a miracle garden. The glitter on this masterpiece is the different sets of flowers used. It has a taste of both prestigious and rare. It is one iconic spot for lovers and kids who adore butterflies. The rainbow of colours does not fail to tempt and soothe one’s eyes. If you ever visit the miracle garden, this place has to be on your list because of the splendid collection and decoration that it is ornamented with.

  1. Floral clock

We all have a bleak clock on our home walls and office walls, and looking at them is just tiresome because of the bland look which it has, but the miracle garden, like the miracle it has proved to be, does not even leave a normal clock colourless. The floral clock in the miracle garden is definitely what we all wish for in our rooms. It is not a normal clock; rather, it is decorated completely with various beautiful vibrant flowers and plants. The brownie point about it is that the colours of the flowers and the whole setup change for every season. So, for example, if it is spring, the flowers and the setup clock will be very different from what they would have in autumn.

  1. Lost Paradise

Decorated bungalows and buildings with mere lights and natural colourful flowers. Trust me, houses consisting of flowers are way too vibrant and mesmerizing, especially with the unique and rare flowers. Lost Paradise is a beautiful and fascinating deep pathway that makes us stroll through this street that comprises flower buildings and bungalows.

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