Top 5 classic strains popular in 2021

The marijuana trends are rapidly changing. And we can see the popup of brand new strains in the market every week. Typically, it creates a murmur when they introduce these things to the world. These new strains conceal lots of unconvincing and beneficial cannabis types that already exist. Sometimes the classic strains are hidden by the newer ones of the marijuana markets. 

However, there are classic strains that will be recognized by the classic strains. These strains have iconic status and earned an impressive reputation because of their unique genetics or successful genetics. They have set their impact on the cannabis community. Years changed rapidly, and there is no need for classic strains reimagined in the following five types of classic strains.

Top 5 classic strains

  1. Indica (northern lights) – Are you tired of not getting sleep? Or someone wakes you up early in the morning? Or complete sleep is not possible because of your busy schedule. Then the Indica strains are available for you to take a better sleep in the nighttime. Likewise, if you get tossing in the morning for early wakeups and are tired of getting an improper sleep, Indica will help you. The shortfall of sleep can turn into health issues like hallucinations or delusions. In this situation, the Indica will help you to fight against the above health issues. 
  2. Hybrid (ACDC) – People consider hybrids as the many-purpose medical strains/all-purpose medical plant. It is because many suggest the ACDC for the medical solution. Also, it is proficient in various ailments too. Further, it has zero intoxicating effects as it has a THC: CBD ratio of 1: 20. Apart from this, it is sore juicing, and dietary cannabis helps in anxiety, multiple sclerosis pains, and adverse effects of chemotherapy. 
  3. White widow – One of the most famous and popular classic strains is a white widow. It is a hybrid strain and was firstly propagated by Green House Seeds in the Netherlands. In this form of strain, the buds are coming up with a crystal resin, the deterrent of the formidable effects to come out. After a debate for years, it is substantiated now that this is a Dutch Classics. And it is beneficial to patients who have anxiety, migraines, chronic aches, and PTSD.
  4. Durban Poison (Sativa) – It is an unalloyed South African Sativa Strain. It will offer you an energizing you to high and then slowly take you down. But, it will not cause you to burn and pound you at the end. Plenty of modern strains have the lineage of cross-breeding, but you will not see this in the Durban Poison. In addition to this, it is one of the best solutions for fatigue.
  5. Girls Scout Cookies (GSC) – It is known as the cross between the OG Kush & Durban Hybrid. It can give you the best of both strains. The contents of THC ranges from 18% – 23%. And some variety levels reported reach up to 28%. GSC helps patients who are suffering from severe pain, nausea, and appetite. 


The blog contains short information about the 05 classic strains viz Indica, ACDC, WhiteWidow, Durban Poison, and GSC. These strains are used for diseases like anxiety, depression, nausea, appetite, fatigue, etc. Thus, the blog is beneficial to those people who are suffering from the above ill health.

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