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Top 8 Benefits of Portable Heaters: A Guide

Did you know more than half of the energy usage in your home goes toward air conditioning and heating? If you want to learn about a space heater, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of portable heaters.

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1. You Won’t Use as Much Energy

With a space heater, you will consume less energy. Space heaters don’t use as much as HVAC equipment. A space heater will end up costing you less money compared to if you run a complete heating system.

When you use less energy, you’ll also lessen your impact on the environment.

2. Versatile Heating Option

Portable heaters will give you some flexibility. If you travel, you can bring the heater with you. A space heater will fit in your vehicle. Consider bringing your heater with you when you head out of town.

3. Straightforward Installation

A space heater will save you from dealing with an intricate installation process. A lot of space heaters will easily plug into your wall outlet. You won’t have to pay someone to install the heater.

4. Good Option for Small Areas

Depending on your home, you might have a smaller space that isn’t big enough for an entire heating system.

People will pick space heaters instead of the traditional heating system. If you can’t get a heating system, look at a portable heater instead.

5. Quick Heating Solution

You might need a heating solution fast. Consider buying a space heater for this reason.

If you pick up a traditional HVAC system, you will need to wait until the system gets installed. When you buy a portable heater, you can use it right away.

6. Portable Heaters Are Easy to Operate

Using an HVAC system is challenging, depending on the kind you have. A lot of parts of the HVAC system get hidden from view. It’s difficult to know if you need to get a repair done or maintenance work.

Don’t worry about these issues with a space heater. A lot of times, portable heaters are straightforward to use.

7. Everyone Will Enjoy the Heater

Extra occupants in a house will disagree if the temperature is too hot or too low. Sometimes, people will prefer the space to be warmer.

Invest in a portable heater. A space heater will let you have zonal heating. You can heat the particular area you’re in without making others super uncomfortable.

8. Save Money

Installing the central heating system with pre-existing ductwork could cost thousands of dollars.

If you don’t have the pre-existing ducts, you’ll end up spending more money to finish this work. Central heating’s expensive in their initial costs.

Space heaters won’t use complex mechanics to heat the area. A lot of people find them to be more of an affordable and durable option.

You can get a heater for low as 30 dollars and a fancier one for a couple of hundred dollars.

Space heaters will come in different shapes, sizes and use various heating technology. Standard heating technologies include fan, convection, and radiant.

You will feel warm right away once you turn the heater on. Space heaters don’t take long to distribute the heat and warm a room. A central heating system might take longer to reach the proper temperature.

After the temperature gets reached, the space heater will maintain the temperature. You won’t end up wasting energy.

Different kinds of space heaters will use various heating technologies. Some space heaters will provide whole-room heating while others provide spot heating.

Make sure you choose the right kind of space heater. Electric space heaters tend to be more efficient if you have an insulated home. Proof your home from the winter chill.

What Do You Need?

You’ll want to consider the different kinds of portable heaters and your home. What are your heating goals?

Do you want to add supplemental heat to a certain area? You might want to make the temperature rise fast. Some people want a portable heater to warm up an outdoor space.

Think about what you’re looking for in a portable heater. This will help you determine the right heater.

For a home office, you could get a specialized portable heater. There are low-power electric radiant heaters or even oil-filled electric radiator-style heaters. Check out these electric heaters.

Considering your particular needs will help guide you as you shop around.

Consider the Safety Features

You’ll also want to make sure you consider the potential fire hazards. If you don’t monitor the portable heater, you could end up with a fire hazard. You need to make safety a top priority.

A lot of manufacturers will set up their heaters with advanced safety features and cool-to-the-touch surfaces.

Some heaters have an internal switch. The switch will turn off power if the heater gets knocked over by accident. Also, there’s overheat protection.

Overheat protection is another safety function included with portable heaters. The switch will work as a sensor and turns the heater off right away if the inside parts hit an unsafe temperature.

Consider Picking up Some Portable Heaters

We hope this guide on portable heaters was helpful. You will save money and avoid a complicated installation process with these heaters.

A portable heater has many benefits for people. You can get a small heater for a particular room. Consider getting a portable heater if you want to warm a specific room.

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